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Curtain rails, rods and fittings, metal
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Emkay Enterprises

Manufacturers and Exporters of Architectural Ironmonery, Brassware, Aluminium Door Furniture, Brass Builder's Hardware, Black Antique Door Hardware, Window Fitting, UPVC Door Handle, Letter Boxes, Cabinet Fitting, Brass Curtain Accessories, Fastener's, Chrome Hook, Satin Chrome Latch, Door Knocker, Fireplaces, Fire Front, Fret, Fenders, Companionset, Grates, Adittron, Switchplate Cover, Door Furniture, Chrome Scroll Lock, Satin Chrome Furniture, Contract Architectural Ironmongery and Bulck Hardware, Mortice Sash Lock, Tubular Latch, Rim Lock, Gate Latch, Tee Hinges, Brenton Bolt, Butt Hinges, FlushHinges, Corner Braces, Forged Brass Door Handles, Brass Door Handle, Letter Plate, Door Knocker, Cabin Hook, Tower Bolt, Casement Stay, Curtain Tie Hook, Holdback, Finial, Fireplaces, Frets, Firefront, Firesurround, Gas Fires, Electric Fires, Switchplate Cover, Cylinder Pull, Handrail Bracket, Hook, Oval Hooded Door Stopper, Tubular Door Stopper, Hinges, Pull Handle, Builders Hardware, Dry Supplies, Ironmongery. French Translation- Le fabricant et l'exportateur de Ironmonery Architectural, Objets en cuivre jaune, les Meubles de Porte d'Aluminium, le Matériel du Constructeur de Cuivre, le Matériel de Porte Antique Noir, l'Installation de Fenêtre, la Poignée de Porte de UPVC, les Boîtes de Lettre, l'Installation de Cabinet, les Accessoires de Rideau de Cuivre, Fermoir, le Crochet Chromé, le Satin Loquet Chromé, Heurtoir de Porte, Cheminées, Devant de Feu, Irritation, Pare-chocs, Companionset, Grilles, Adittron, Couverture de Switchplate, Meubles de Porte, Serrure de Défilement Chromée, Satin Meubles Chromés, Contracter Ironmongery Architectural et Matériel de Bulck. SpanisTranslation- El fabricante y el exportador de Ironmonery Arquitectónico, Brassware, Muebles de Puerta de Aluminio, Hardware de Constructor de Latón, Hardware Antiguo Negro de Puerta, la Ventana que Queda, el Asidero de Puerta de UPVC, la Carta Encajona, el Gabinete que Queda, Accesorios de Cortina de Latón, el Cierre, Gancho de Cromo, Picaporte de Cromo de Raso, Aldaba de Puerta, las Chimineas, la Frente de Fuego, se, Guardabarros, Companionset, Parillas, Adittron, Cubierta de Switchplate, Muebles de Puerta, Cerradura de Rollo de Cromo, Muebles de Cromo de Raso, Contratan Ironmongery y Hardware Arquitectónico de Bulck.

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Sivagurunathan Industries

Manufacturer & Exporter of Comprehensive Range of Home Appliances, Kitchen Products and Cookware, Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers and Vacuum Flasks. Products Details: Pressure Cooker (Models) Blue Line- Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker With ATB,(Model) Friendly- Aluminium Pressure Cooker, Pressure Pan (Model-Blue Line-Stainless Steel Pressure Pan, (Model)-Freindly- Aluminium Pressure Pan, L.P.G Stove (Model)-Ideal,L.P.G Stone(Model)- Butterfly 2000, L.P.G Stone (Model)-Butterfly 2000 Auto Ignition, L.P.G Stone(Model)-Freindly, L.P.G Stone(Model)-Regular/Friendly & L.P.G Stone(Model)-Fairdeal, Mixer Grinder(Model)-AOME, Mixer Grinder(Model)-Bhima, Mixer Grinder(Model)-Cordial, Mixer Grinder(Model)-Cordial Plus, Mixer Grinder(Model)-Emerald, Mixer Grinder(Model)-Familiar, Mixer Grinder(Model)-Global, Mixer Griner(Model)-Handy, Wet Grinder(Model)-Matchless, Kitchen Machine(Model)-Elegant, Wet Grinder(Model)-Cute-Table Top Wet-Grinder, Water Heater(Model)-GF 25, Water Heater(Model)-GY 15, Water Heater(Model)-GF 6,Water Heater(Model)-GY 1, Electronic Security System(Model)-Watch Dog, Watch Dog Smart,Watch Dog Compact, Cooker Set(7Pcs.), Cooker Set(10 Pcs.), Steam Table Pans, Vacuum Flask(Model)-Kailash, Gangothri & Vacuum Flask With Flip & Pour System, Wick Stove(Model) Peacock, Dinner Set, Condiment Sets, Water Filter, Hot Packs, Picnic Sets, Spoons & Laddles, Idly Plates, Kitchen Sink, Tea Vending Machine, Aluminum Pressure Cooker & Pressure Pan, Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker & Pressure Pan, Stainless Steel Vacuum Lunch Box & etc.

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Stallone Overseas Private Limited

Manufacturer and Exporter of Platters, Candle Light Holders, T - Light Holders, Flower Pots, Photo Frames, Ash Trays, Press Stands, Baskets, Boxes, Decorative, Kitchenware, Napkin Rings, Bottle Openers, Fire Set, Fixtures, Shoe Wears, Candle Light Smokers, Trumpets, Cornet, Euphonium, Baritone Altohorn, clarinets, Trombones, Army, Bugle, Alto Saxophone, Violin, Guitar, Harmonium, Tabla, Sitar, Tanpura, Dholak, Nall, Gramophone, Binoculars, Telescopes, Compasses, Ship's Clocks, Ship's Telegraphs, Nautical Sexants, Sand Timers, Theodolites, Surveying Levels, Diving Helmets, Ship's Lamps, Globes, Clinometer, Sailor's Wheel, Ship's Anchor, 100 Year's Calendar, Dividers, Magnifiers, Key Chains, Tea Sets, Pub Wries, Trays and Plates, Ice Cream Set, Cutlery Set, Office Stationary, Bowls, Fruit Dishes, Lemon Sets, Beetle Box, Table Lamp Decoratives, Table Stand Mirror, Indian Bristles, Chinese Bristles, Boar Bristles, Pig Hair, Cow Tail Hair, Hog Hair, Synthetic Hair, Paint Brushes, Roller Brushes, Shaving Brushes, Artist Brushes, House Hold Brushes, Nylon Brushes, Iron Handicrafts, Fruit Bowls, Planters, Lanterns, Fire Set Decoratives, Wooden Handicrafts, Walking Sticks, Games, Daraj & Almiraj, Incense Burner, Ash trays, Posters,Wooden Hangers, Hotel & Kitchen Ware, Candle Stands, Tie Box, Nautical Wheel, Key Cabinet, Cross, Bible/Quran/Geeta Box, Lamp, Bangle Stand, Rugs & Mats, Door Mats, Prayer Rugs, Kids Mats, Animal Design Rugs, Telephone Rugs, Sign Creation Mats, Yoga Mats, Wall Creation, Designed Rugs, Stallone Carpet, Calligraphy Rug, Brassa Brand Instrument, Army Bigule, Sousaphone, World Timer," Warrior Helmet, Metal Helmet, Antique Brass, Bronze Reproduction". Manufacturer and Exporter of Band & Musical Instruments (Wood Wind & String Instruments), Nautical & Marine Reproduction Instruments, Aluminium Ware, Brass Ware, EPNS, Wooden Handicrafts, Iron Handicrafts, Stone Handicrafts, Rugs & Mats, Bristles & Brushes. Associated Companies: Stallone Overseas (P) Ltd. a) Bristle Division b) Brushes Division c) Handicrafts Division

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