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Global Coirs

Manufacturers & Exporters of Coir Blocks, Coir Pith, Coir Fiber, Coir Mats, Coir Rope, Curled Coir, Coco Coir Rope, Cocopeat Bales. Chicken Eggs, Brown Chicken Eggs, White Chicken Eggs, White Eggs, Fresh White Eggs. Coco Peac, Coco Blocks, Coco Blocks, Coco Peat, Compressed Coco Peat Block, Professional Horticulture or Coir Horticulture, Briquttes, Compressed Coir Pith, Horticultural, Peat Substitute, Coir Pith/Coco Peat, Horticultural, Potting Compost, Soil Conditioners, Fertiliser, Peat Potting Pol, Fertiliser for Flowers, Cut Flowers, Peat Substitute, Vermiculite, Horticulture, Compost, Plant Pots and Basket liners, Biopesticides, Compressed 5kg Coir Pith, Peat Fertiliser, Peat Combustible, Peat Nutrients for Preserving Cut Flowers, Soil Conditioners, DCompost, Fertilisers for Fruit Trees, Fetilisers, Fertilisers for Flowering Plants, Fertilisers for Saplings ,Nutrients for preserving Cut Flowers, Fertilisers for Pot Plants, Fertilisers for Lawns, Fertilisers for Vegetables, Fertilisers for Tobacco Plants, Fertilisers for Vineyards, Fertilisers for Pot Plants, Fertilisers, Protected Crop, Fertilisers for Hydroculture, Fertigation, Soilless Culture, Growing bags, Nutrient for Preserving Cut Flowers, Anti-Caking agents for Fertilisers, Compost Activators and Accelerators, Peat Substrata, Manufacturing of Peat Substrata. Coir Blocks, Coir Pith, coir pac, Coir Mats, Curled Coir, Cocopeat Bales, Eggs, Coir, Coco Coir, Coconut Coir, Coir Liners, Coconut Curled Coir, Coco Peat, Coco Peat Blocks, Coco Husk Blocks, Organic Coir Pith, Indian Coir Pith, Natural Coir Pith, Coir Pith Blocks, Coir Pith Disc, Coir Pith Weed Disc, Cocopeat, Cocopeat Blocks, Coir Pith Blocks, Coco Fibre Dust, Coir Fibre Pith, Coco Fibre Blocks, Rubberized Coir, Compressed Cocopeat Briquettes, Coconut Fiber, Coco Peat Bale, Coco Peat Briquette, Chicken Eggs, White Chicken Eggs, Brown Chicken Eggs, White Egg.

  • Cordage and ropes
  • Ropes, natural fibre
  • Carpets, rugs and mats...

National Electric Company

National Electric Corporation is a pioneer in manufacturing and supplying wide array of Wires and Cables that has enormous demand all across the nation. Our products are well known for their quality, corrosion resistance and durability. These products finds applications in various industrial sectors and are manufactured following international standards. Our products include Cables, Optic Fiber Cables, Networking Cables, Telecom Connectors and Tools. Our company has state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that includes advanced engineering machinery that enables us to accelerate the production rate and deliver the products flawless to the customers. We have team of skillful and talented professionals who are highly experienced in this domain and have the ability to work under any circumstances. These people helps us to achieve the organizational goals and deliver the assigned consignments within a stipulated time frame. We use the best quality raw material and advanced methods of production to manufacture the products that are highly sophisticated and technologically leading. Our products finds applications in various industrial segments like Government Organizations, Hotels, Builders, MSO.s, Hospitals, IT Industry, Cable Operators, Dealers and Individuals. We also customize the products as per the clients' requirement and necessary to accomplish their request. INDUSTRIAL CABLES TELECOMMUNICATION POWER CABLE BS 6004 SOLID STRANDED COPPER WIRE COPPER CORE CABLES - ELECTRICAL USE COPPER WIRE - DOMESTIC WIRES MULTICORE COPPER CABLES - INDUSTRIAL USE MULTIDTRAND COPPER WIRE IS694 PVC INSULATED COPPER WIRE. IS694.

  • Textiles
  • Cordage and ropes
  • Cables and lines, textile, industrial...
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