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Components and accessories for conveyors and conveyor belts
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Taparia Magnetics Private Limited

Manufacturer and Supplier of Magnets (Alnico, Ferrite and Rare-earth) & Magnetic Assemblies, Permanent Magnetic Separation Systems Drum Separators, Pulleys, Grills, Filters,Bars, Steel Mill Rollers, Chutes, Overband / Plate Separators, Coolant Separators, Textile Rollers, Floor Sweepers, Cow Magnets/ Rumen Magnets, Holding Systems for Welding Operations, Clamps, NdFeB & Ferrite Lifting Magnets, Electro Permanent Magnetic Lifters & Holders, P-Cow Magnets, Rumen Magnets, Animal Pill Magnets, P-Permanent Magnetic Element -11500 Gauss, P-Magnetic Drum Separators, P-Magnetic Welding Clamps, P-Magnets For Concrete Reinforcement, P-High Temp Magnetic Links and Magnetic & Medical Equipments / Applications; Supplier of Testing Machine for Determination of Iron Content in the Processed Material. Also Provides Services in 1. Undertaking Complete Audit of Equipments/Machinery having Magnetic Systems Install and Submitting Audit Reports and Recommendation for Improved Iron Separation Efficiency inside Machines. 2. Undertaking Turnkey Basis Installation of Magnetic Equipments and Related Auxiliary Equipments For Pure Iron Separation With Remnant Iron To The Level Of Below 10 PPM,To Industries Such As Tea, Pharmaceutical, Ceramic, Food Etc. 3. Marketing / Representing in India for repeated International Brands Related to Magnetic Fields or Activities. 4.Design and manufacturer of magnetic application/products in specialty Fields such as medical research , nuclear research.

Supplier of:

  • Lubricating and oil purification equipment
  • Hardware, ironmongery, cutlery and tools
  • Oil-swarf separators...

Star Trace Private Limited

Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of High Power Magnetic Pulleys, Magnetic Equipments, Vibrating Equipments, Alnico Magnets, Ferrite Magnets, Rare Earth Magnets, Flexible Magnets, Demagnetizer, Magnetiser, Hand Magnets, Lifting Magnets, Magnetic Chucks, Magnetic Sweepers, Hump Magnet, Coolant Separator, Suspension Magnet, Plate Magnet, Chip Conveyor, Magnetic Chute, Over Band Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Pulley, Magnetic Chuck, Magnetic Coil, Magnetic Pump, Bullet Magnet, Drum Separator, Magnetic Grill, Barrel Grates Separators, Funnel Magnet, Gauss Meter, Magnetic Stirrers, Roll Separator, Magnetic Rack, Paper Band, Table Top Gauss Meter, Digital Flux Meter, Liquid Line Separator, Magnetic Rod, PM Lifter, LCPM Lifter, Stream Magnets, Magnetic Holder, Magnetic Sheet Fanners, Magneto Therophy, Water Treatment, Vibratory Motor, Vibratory Feeder, Vibro Screen, Bin Vibrator, Piston Impactor, Screen Separator, Electro Mechanical Feeder, Bowl Feeder, Grizzly Feeder, Ball Vibrator, Cir Mot. Screen, Tubular Feeder, Vibration Meter, Vibro Energy Finishing Machine, Dewatering Screen, Test Sieve Shaker, Vibratory Road Roller, Concrete Vibrator, Vibrating Table, Dewatering Feeder, Electro Magnetic Vibrator, Vibrating Tumbler, Vibrating Shifter, Linear Motion Screen, Vibrating Furnace Charging Device, Extra Heavy Duty Vibrating Feeders, Ribbon Blender, Destoner, Oil Skimmer, Coolant Filter, Crushers, Cashew Processing Machine, Pilot Impact Pulveriser, Water Conditioner, Rotary Retort Furnace System, Twin Drum Mixing Systems, Screw Washer, DC Motor, Water Processing, HydroCyclone, Spiral Separator, Floatation Machine, Shaking Table & Electro Permanent Magnetic Chucks.

Supplier of:

  • Textiles
  • Felt, felted fabrics and their products, by use
  • Felt for conveyors...

J. K. Automation

Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers Of Hydraulics Machine, Material Handling Equipment, Load Manipulators, Assembly SPMs, Industrial Conveyor, Test Rigs, Feeding & Cutting SPMs, Vibratory Feeders, Pad Printing Machine, Hydraulic Cylinders, Assembly Line Conveyors, High Productive Cut to Faad Length SPM, Automatic Date Punching Machine, Special Purpose Mirror Assembling Press for Automotive Industries Automatic Date Stamping Machine, Heavy Duty Conveyor, Automatic Hot Fusing SPM, Hydro - Pneumatic Press, Assembly Line Fixtures and SPMS, Fully Automatic Fabric & Leather Profile Cutting Machines Seaming Machine, Paddel Leaver Pad Assembly SPM, Art of Machine Tools, Pinion Bearing Assembly Hydralic SPM, Validation Test SPM, Mirror Pressing SPM for ORVM of Cars, Assembly Line for Break Paddle Assembly, Multi Points Torque and Load Conforming Setup, Online Validation Test Rig, Product Validation Checking Fixture, Over Head Conveyor, Mirror Pivot Assembly SPM, Mirror Assembly Line Setup, Belt Conveyor, Dynamic Test Rig, Hand Break Testing SPM, Flexible Hose Pipe Cleaning SPM, Rolar Conveyor Acce, Free Rolar Conveyor, Pedal Assembly Line Setup, GSL Assembly SPM with Greese Dispensers, Long Number Assembly Fixture, Oven Forming Process Equipments, Load Manipulator, CNC Type Fabricating Machine, Molten Steel Transporter, Conveyor for First in First Out (FIFO)using for assembly line, Mirror Assembly Process, Heavy duty Hydro-pneumatic Press, Hydraulic Press, Pressing and Screw Tighting SPM, Data Capturing Test Rig for GSL Asssembly.

Supplier of:

  • Hydraulic equipment
  • Engines and mechanical parts
  • Manipulators, hydraulic...
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