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Chemical products for the fertilisation and phytosanitary industries
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Textil Chemic Intrade Private Limited

Manufacturer & Exporters of Organic Intermediate Products used in various Dyes, Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drugs, Fertilizers. Also a very diverse range of activities from Simple Formulation work to development of Multi Stage Syntheses. We have Specialized in Niche Areas of Chemical Syntheses. Product List : 1 - Hydroxy Cyclohexyl -4- Methoxy Phenyl Acetonitrile (Venlaflaxine) 4-[2-(5-Chloro-2-Methoxybenzamido)- Ethyl] Phenyl Sulfonamide. (Glibenclamide) 4-(2-Amino Ethyl) Benzene Sulphonamide (Glipizide) 2- (Nitrobenzyl)-(Cyclohexyl)-Methylamine (Bromhexine) N-(2-Amino Benzyl)-N-Cyclohexyl- Methyl Amine (Bromhexine) Bromhexine Hydrobromide (Bromhexine) Bromhexine Base (Bromhexine) 3- Piperidino Propiophenone (Trihexyphenidyl) 4'-Methyl-3- Pyrrolidino Propiophenone (Triprolidine) Metformin HCL Phenformin HCL Buformin HCL Glibenclamide Glipizide Cetrimide (Powder / Soln.) Ethyl Oleate Ethyl Palmitate Bromhexine HCL Bromhexine HBr Bromhexine Dicyclomine HCL Tri Hexyphenidyl HCL Pridinol Salbutamol Sulphate Salbutamol Base Terbinafine Venlaflaxine Chloramphenicol Palmitate Erythromycin Stearate Erythromycin Estolate Erythromycin Base Erythromycin Ethyl Succinate Mefenamic Acid Potassium Iodide Povidone Idonie Thiamine Hydrochloride Betamethasone Acetate Betamethasone Di Propionate Betamethasone Sodium Phosphate Betamethasone Valerate Beclomethasone Di Propionate Clobetasole Propionate Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Cuprous Iodide Calcium Iodide Calcium Iodate Potassium Iodate Sodium Meta Per Iodate Potassium Meta Per Iodate Garcinia Cambogia Emblica Officinalis Trigonella Foenumgraceum Tribulus Terresteris Withania Somnifera Acacia Concinna Andrographis Panniculate Bacopa Monnieri Teaminalia Arjuna Phyllanthus Niruri Sapindus Spp Niacin Niacinamide Picolinic Acid Cromium Picolinate Cromium Polynicotinate Famotidine Zinc Picolinate Cinna Rizine BENZYL AMINE DI BENZYL AMINE BENZHYDRYL AMINE ORTHO CHLORO BENZYL AMINE BETA PHENYL ETHYL AMINEN PROPYL AMINE PROPIONITRILE PIPERIDINE N - METHYL NAPHTHYL METHYL AMINE N - METHYL CYCLOHEXYL AMINE CYCLOHEXANOL CYCLOHEXYL CHLORIDE CYCLOHEXYL BROMIDE PARA METHOXY BENZYL ALCOHOL PARA MEXTHOXY BENZYL CHLORIDE PARA METHOXY PHENYL ACETONITRILE PARA METHOXY PHENYL ACETIC ACID PARA METHOXY PHENYL ETHYL AMINE PARA METHOXY PHENYL ETHYL AMINE PARA HYDROXY PHENYL ETHYL AMINE PARA HYDROXY PHENYL ACETIC ACID 2-MERCAPTO BENZIMIDAZOLE 2-MERCAPTO 5-METHOXY BENZIMIDAZOLE META PHENOXY BENZALDEHYDE META PHENOXY BENZYL ALCOHOL BENZHYDROL 1,2,4 TRICHLORO BENZENE DELTAMETHRIN ALPHA CYPERMETHRIN CYPERMETHRIN CYPERMETHRIN ACID CHLORIDE DICHLOROVOS (D.D.V.P.) META CHLORO ANILINE ORTHO PHYNYLENE DIAMINE PARA DICHLORO BENZENE PARA NITRO ANILINE PENDIMETHALIN (TECH) PERMETHRIN TECHNICAL PERMETHRIN PHARMA GRADE/MEDICAL GRADE CHLOROPYRIPHOS QUINOLPHOS

  • Raw materials for pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical base materials
  • Benzhydrol derivatives for pharmaceuticals...

Linga Chemicals

Manufacturer, Exporter and Suppliers of soil fertilizers and chemicals, soil micronutrients, pesticides, plant growth regulators, bactericide, liquid sulphur, wetting agents and micronutrient mixtures foliar spray. Agro Chemicals - Multi micro Nutrient Fertilizers. Product Details : Soil Micronutrients (Fertilizers): ·Micronol Rose Mix ·VIJAY BASAL COMMON ·VIJAY BASAL ONION ·VIJAY BASAL PADDY ·VIJAY BASAL PLAINTAIN ·VIJAY BASAL GRAPHES ·VIJAY BASAL TURMERIC ·VIJAY BASAL GROUNDNUT ·VIJAY BASAL COCONUT ·VIJAY BASAL CHILLI ·LCM - C5 - MICRONOL Cotton ·LCM - C18 - MICRONOL Coconut ·LCM - G3 - MICRONOL Graphes ·LCM - NN 9 - MICRONOL Onion ·LCM - P63 - MICRONOL Paddy ·LCM - S32 - MICRONOL Sugarcane ·LCM - T 1 - MICRONOL Tapioca ·LCM - GR2 - MICRONOL Groundnut ·LCM - B10 - MICRONOL BANANA ·LCM - B-10 - MICRONOL TURMERIC ·LCM - Premium - MICRONOL Common all Crops ·LCM - Common - MICRONOL Common all Crops ·LCM - Gold - MICRONOL Cardamom ·LCM -C6- MICRONOL Chili ·LCM - V100 - MICRONOL Vegetable Micronutrient Mixtures Foliar Spray : ·Micronol Paddy ·Micronol VF ·Micronol VC ·Micronol Flower ·Micronol Groundnut ·Micronol Onion ·Micronol Cashewnut ·Micronol Pulses ·Micronol Citrus ·Micronol Tobacco ·Micronol Turmeric ·Apple Cashewnut ·Apple Cotton ·Apple Tomato ·Apple Mango ·Apple Groundnut ·VIJAY COPPER ·Agrowin Secondary Nutrients ·Agriya Plus Wetting Agent ·LINGA VIT ·STICKLIN ·MICRONOL KAVOLINE Plant Growth Regulator ·FLOWER H9 ·LUMIC PLUS Special Chemical ·BLOOMING (Thio Urea) Gibberellic Acid Solvent ·GA - SOL Bactericide - ·Micromycin 2000 Liquid Sulphur ·LINGA SUL ·LIQ SUL M50 Micronutrient Mixtures Foliar Spray : ·Micronol Paddy ·Micronol VF ·Micronol VC ·Micronol Flower ·Micronol Groundnut ·Micronol Onion ·Micronol Cashewnut ·Micronol Pulses ·Micronol Citrus ·Micronol Tobacco ·Micronol Turmeric ·Apple Cashewnut ·Apple Cotton ·Apple Tomato ·Apple Mango ·Apple Groundnut ·VIJAY COPPER ·Agrowin Pesticides ·VIJAY NIMBO (Neem Extract) ·GRAPALAXIN (Phosphorous based fungicide) Single Nutrients ·Zinc Sulphate 21 % ·Ferrous Sulphate 19% ·Megnesium Sulphate 9.6% ·Borax (Boron) 10.5% ·Copper Sulphate 24% ·Manganese Sulphate 30.5% ·Sodium Molybdate 39% ·Potassium Sulphate Liquid Micronutrients ·MICROCYME M55 ·MICROCYME BANANA ·MICROCYME CASHEWNUT ·VIJAY ULTRA ·HUMIC ACID (Liquid & Granular form) ·LIQUID SEA WEED EXTRACT (Liquid & Granular form)

  • Chemical products
  • Chemical products for the fertilisation and phytosanitary industries
  • Solvents for fungicides, bactericides and insecticides...
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