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Universal Process Engineers Private Limited

Universal Process Engineers Private Limited Is A Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters Of Starch Glucose Plant & Machinery, Derivates of Starch, Miaze Processing Plant, Corn Wet Milling Plant, Dextrin, Dextrose, Sorbitol, Modified Starches, Grinding Mills, Consultancy & Turnkey Assignments For The Complete Plant, Modernization & Trouble Shooting For The Exisiting Plants. The Important Equipments List, Universal Has Been Manufacturing & Supplying To Starch Industries Are: Coarse Grinders (single & Double Disc Rotating), Fine Grinder Double Disc Rotating, Fine Grinder (Stone Type), De-Watering Screens, Germ Separators, Germ Washing, Stone Catcher, Fibre Washing System, Fibre De-Watering, Starch Washing System (Hydro Cyclones), De-gritting Cyclones, Strainer For Steeping Vats, Rotary Germ Dryer, Starch Dryer - Flash Type, Gluten Dryer - Flash Type (Hot Air Generated By Means Of Steam Or Fuel Oil), Gluten Settling Clarifier, Sifter for Starch Sieving, Germ Press, Rotary Strainer, System For Preparing SO2 Water, Sump For Fibre Washing, Vibrating Screens, Screw Conveyor, Ribbon Blender, Tanks Peelers, Crystalisers For Dextrose, Monohydrate & Dextroseanhydrous, Germ Press, Fibre Press, Equipments For Starch Derivatives Convertor For Liquid Glucose, 42 DE indirect Steam Heating Convertor for Dextrose, Enzyme Conversion, Jet Cooking, Ion Exchange Column For deashing Glucose Syrup, Evaporators (Multi-Effect) Falling Film Type Single Effect Evaporator (Batch Type), Roaster For Dextrin (White & Yellow), Skeemer & CO2 Releaser & Jet Cooker For Hydrolysing Starch Slurry.

  • Tanks and vats, metal
  • Metal pipework, valves and containers
  • Tanks and vats, cast iron, for liquids...

Mathesis Engineers Private Limited

Mathesis is a renowed Engineering Industry manufacturing Capital Equipment to Chemical, Pharma, API, Fine Chemicals, Organic Intermediates, Agro Chemicals, Paints, Neutraceutical Plants & other Industries. Mathesis offers state-of-the- art design and fabrication of the equipment which are deployed in the above industries. Products: VESSELS:Pressure Vessels to Codes, Storage Tanks and Receivers, Pyrophoric Chemical Storage Vessels. MIXERS & REACTROS: Mixing Vessels for different duty conditions in Carbonsteel and Stainless steel Construction, Reaction Kettles upto 20KL Capacity in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Construction. Auto Claves/Hydrogenators upto 40Kg/cm2(Design Pressure)and Capacity upto 5KL. Gas/Liquid Mixers with different types of mixing.Gas Induction Configurations. Hydrogenators using Jet loop and Gas Induction agitator, cGMP Reactors, Catalyst Reactors, Powder Mixers(Ribbon Type). HEAT EXCHANGERS: Heat Exchangers as per IS and TEMA Standards,Condensers, Reboilers, Air Heaters. FILTRATION EQUIPMENT: Neutch Filters, Agitated Neutch Filters Leaf Filters, Rotary Vaccum Filter. EVAPORATORS: Raising and Falling Film Evaporators, Wiping type thin film Evaporators, Multiple Effect Evaporators, Agitated Thin Film Evaporators, Short Path Evaporators/Distillation. DISTILLATION COLUMNS: Bubble Caps/Sieve Tray/Structured Packing/Valve tray and other internals as per customers or process requirements. DRYERS: Rotary Vaccum Dryers, Venuleth Dryers, Double Cone Vaccum Dryers, Drum Dryers, Screw Conveyors Dryers, Hollow Paddle Dryers Flash Dryers and Spin Flash Dryers, Agitated Thin Film dryers, Vaccum Shelf Driers, Custom Designed Dryers. Crystallisers, Absorption Columns/Scrubbers/Venturi Scrubbers/Packed Scrubbers, Gas Solid separation Cyclones, Leaching /Extraction Units Liquid-Liquid Extractors, Rotary Roaster/Calciner, Granulators-Pan /Rotary, Drum Flakers, Pilot Plants for R & D and Technical Institutions, Custom Designed Equipment. Fabrication of Equipment under Third Party inspection as per Codes.

  • Glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) products
  • Plastic products
  • Vessels, pressure, glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP)...

Prabhat Udyog

Prabhat Udyog Is Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporters Of Eggs, Biscuits, Spices, Sugar, Rice-Indian Basmati Rice (Raw & Sella): Basmati Rice Supreme Grade Quality,Basmati Rice Grade A, B, C, Basmati 1121, Basmati Rice Pusa, Basmati Rice Sharbati, Basmati Rice Parboiled Creamy, Golden, Brown, Basmati Sugandha,Soya Products- Soya Cake, Soya Beans, Soya Milk, Soya & Jute/ Plastic Bags, Gherkins, Cashew Nuts, Milk Powder, Milk Products-Kulfi, Pre Ghee, Panner, Yogurt, Tea, Mango, Mango Pulp and Medical & other Equipments. We are Also Deals with Teflon Coating According to Customer Specification. Buscuits: Energy Biscuits, Glucose Biscuits, Marie Biscuits, Orange Cream Biscuits, Milk Cream Biscuits, Coconut Cookies, Crispy & Crunchy Salted Biscuits. Educational Equipments: Educational Equipment (from primary to university level needs), Laboratory Equipment (Autoclaves, ovens, Sterilizers, Refrigerators, Safety Cabinets, Centrifuges, Balances, Microscopes, Melting Point Apparatus, etc), Analytical and Scientific Instruments (HPLC, GC, AAS, UV-SPECTROTOMETER, ANALYZERS), Laboratory & Research Chemicals, Culture Media, Educational Aids & Books. Medical Equipment: Medical Equipment, Hospital Furniture, Surgical Instruments, Hospital Holloware, Diagnostic Equipments, Physiotherapy Equipments, Hospital Disposables, Hospital Gas Plants, Endoscopic Equipment & Instruments, Imaging systems, Radiology Equipments, ICU Equipments, OT Theatre Equipments,Lights Table,Hospital linen Hospital Refrigerators, Pharmaceuticals, Biochemistry Equipments & Consumable, Pathology Equipments & Consumable, Blood Bank Equipments , OPD Equipments, Opthalmic Equipments, ENT Equipment, Dermatology Equipments, Nephrology Equipment Cardiology Equipment, Pediatric Neonalal Equipments Hospital Transportation vehicles, Cold Chain Equipments Hospital Incinerators, Medical Gas Equipments, Hospital Sundries, Dental Equipments & Units, Micro Biology Equipments, Diagnostic Reagents and Pharmaceuticals. Engineering: Transformers, Generators, Conductors, Transmission line Hardware, Cables, Jointing kits, Switch Gear / Electrical hardware, Panels, Energy Meter & Panel Mounted Meters, Industrial Machines, Workshop Machines, Printing Machines, SPM, Packaging Machines, Textile Machines, Welding Machines, Agricultural Equipments, Pumps, Diesel Engines, Valves, Pipes and Fittings Process Equipment, Boilers, Furnaces, etc., Material Handling / Earth Moving / Garage Equipment, Raw Materials, Cutting Tools, Power Tools, Hand Tools. Testing & Measuring Equipment, Office Equipment, Drawing instruments, Writing instruments, Survey Instruments, Audio Visual Equipment, Office Automation, Furniture Kitchen Equipment, Laundry Equipment, Home Appliances, Security / Safety Equipment, Automotives, Vehicles. Information Technology: Computer Hardware, Software products, Consultancy Projects, Networking (LAN/WAN), Turnkey IT solutions. Software Development and Software Solutions for Major Govt and Private Bodies. Associated Companies: VRK Solutions

  • Eggs
  • Livestock and fish
  • Eggs, chicken and other poultry, free-range...

Spectrum Industries

Spectrum's Color Sorting Machines Epitomize Efficiency, Elegance & Impeccable Quality. A Renowned Global name to beckon the Food Industry, Spectrum is a Pioneer Manufacturer of Electronic Colour Sorters in India since 1993, an ISO 9001 certified company is also certified for its Design, Manufacture and Supply of Colour Sorters by the British Standard Institute. Its World Class Colour Sorting Machines / Colour Sorting Equipment are deployed for sorting harvested foods such as Rice, Grains, Pulses, Seeds, Coffee Beans, Tea, Peanuts, Peas, Lentils, Sunflower Seeds and other Cereals, Dehydrated Onion, Garlic Flakes, Fruits etc. with utmost accuracy and precision. Spectrum's machines have imprinted their presence in the bulk food processing and other industries with variant models suiting different Capacities. Spectrum's Turnkey Projects include installation of Complete Coffee Processing Plants, Groundnut Processing Plants, Plants for Cleaning, Grading and Sorting a wide variety of food grains with a Gamut of Efficient products such as Pre Cleaners, De-stoners, Gravity Separators, Graders and Electronic Colour Sorting Machines including the vital conveying equipment for processing a large variety of dry granular food products. The Latest entrants to the Arena of Spectrum's Arsenal are the S-4001 PRISMA &the S-4001 MAXIMA Colour Sorting Machinery. SPECTRUM S-4001 PRISMA, is a CCD Camera based Colour sorter incorporating High Resolution 2048 pixel CCD Line Scan Cameras is a Line Scan Camera based Colour Sorter with a scanning speed max. 6000 lines per second and has an automatic calibration after every wiping cycle of the viewing area. The machine with an on line display on a 15" TFT Screen, of both the top and bottom camera views of the product being sorted facilitates monitoring and easy operation of the machine. The machine is equipped with LED Solid State Lighting for high intensity with extremely long life and consistent operation. SPECTRUM S-4001 MAXIMA - is the most advance machine and is a Trichromatic RGB Full Colour CCD Camera version with Quad Lighting. These machines have been incorporated with 5400 x 3 pixel, Tri-linear RGB CCD Cameras and have optional QUAD LED Solid State Lighting for high intensity product illumination as well as background lighting which is stable and has extremely long life. Colour Sorting Machines, Color Sorter, Colour Sorters, Grain Colour Sorting Machines, Rice Sorting Machines, Food Processing Machines, Cleaning Machinery, De-Stoning Machines, Gravity Separator, Vibro Grader, Vibro Cleaner, De-Stoner, Coffee Huller, Coffee Peeler Polisher, Coffee Pocessing Machinery, Grain Screeners, Seed Screeners.

  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration equipment
  • Air purification equipment
  • Cyclone collectors, air purification...

Fowler Westrup (India) Private Limited

Fowler Westrup process machinery is ideally suited for the processing, handling & storage of seeds, seed spices, grains, tea, coffee, pulses, basmati & non-basmati paddy & rice. The company also provides turn-key solutions to all processing needs. Manufacturer, Exporters of Complete Integrated Solutions for the Food Processing Industry Providing Post Harvest Processing Machines, Silo Storage Systems, Rice Milling Machineries, Colour Sorters, Material Handling Equipment & Transformer Oil Filtrations-Regenration Systems to Power Industry. Design, Manufacture of Complete Galvanized Silo Storage Systems for Grains, Pulses, Oil Seeds, Cereals, Seed Spices etc. Rice Milling Machines (End-to-End)- paddy to Brown Rice to White Rice. Electronic Colour Sorting Machines for all kinds of Grains, Pulses, Dals, Flakes etc. NIRMAL Oil Filtration & Regenration System. Agriculture Process Machines:Post Harvesting Machines-Modular Cleaners, Pre Cleaners, Fine Cleaner, Gravity Separators, Destoner, Indented Cylinders, LAB Machines, Cyclones. Material Handling Equipment:Bucket Elevators, Chain Conveyors, Screw Conveyors, Belt Conveyor-BT. Galvanized Silo Storage System-Galvanized Farm Silos, Galvanized Hopper Bottom Silos, Galvanized Flat Bottom Silos. Rice Milling-Destoner CSP502, Paddy Husker YSA100, Paddy Separator SE500, Abrasive Polisher XPA25, Abrasive Polisher XPA25, Friction Polisher XPF 50 and XPF50D, Sifter SF301. Opto Electronic Color Sorter- Rice Sorter, Dal Sorter, Sooji Sorter. Oil filtration and regeneration system- Transformer Oil Filtration Machine, Lube Oil Filtration Machine, Transformer Evacuation System, Oil Storage Tank, Oil Transfer System, Transformer Oil Regeneration System, Lube Oil Regeneration System, Regeneration Cycle. Associated Companies: John Fowler (India) Pvt Ltd

  • Metal constructions for the building industry
  • Prefabricated metal buildings
  • Silos, metal...

Vikky's Agrisciences Private Limited

Producers and Exporters of Hybrid Paddy, Cotton, Jowar, Bajra, Maize, Sunflower, Hybrid Rice & Vegetables Suited to different Agro Climatic Conditions & Farming Situations. Product Details: Paddy- Hybrid Paddy- VRH704 Medium duration, Long Slender, Non Aromatic with 8-9t/ha Potential, Rajalaxmi Medium duration, Long Slender, Non Aromatic with 6-6.5t/ha Potential, Ajay Medium duration, Long Slender, Non Aromatic with 6,5-7.5t/ha Potential, JRH4 Short duration, Long Slender, Non Aromatic with 7-8t/ha Potential. Bajra (Pearl Millet)- Hybrid Pearl Millet (Bajra)- Grains are Medium to Bold, Round to Elongated, Grey to Whitish Grey in Colour with Excellent Roti Making Quality. Products: VBH 310 Cylindrical, Compact Ear Head with Small Bristies, Grain Bold & Grey Yield 4t/ha, VBH 320 Cylindrical, Compact Ear Haed with Medium Bristies, Grain Bold & Grey, Yield 3.5t/ha Stay Green Plants, duration 80 Days, VBH 330 Long, Candle Shaped Compact Ear Head, Grain Medium Bold & Shing Grey, VBH 340 Compact Ear Head with Round Tip, Grain Medium Bold & Grey, durations 80 Days, VBH 350. Sorghum (Jowar)- Hybrid Sorghum(Jowar)- Hybrids have high Yielding Potential with Excellent Fodder and Grain Quality, Products: VJH540 Medium tall, Semi Compact Oblong Ear Head, Bold Round White Seed, Good Roti Making Quality ,105 to 110 Days duration, Yield 4.5 to 5 t/ha. VJH545 Medium Tall, Semi Compact Oval Ear Head, Bold Round White Seed, Moderately Tolerant to Pests and Diseases ,95 to 98 days duration Stay Green Plants 4 to 4.5 t/ha. Stay Green, VJH550 Medium Tall, Semi Open Long Ear Head, Bold Round Cream Color Grain, Free Threshability ,110 to 113 days duration, yield 4.5 to 5t/ha. Maize- Hybrid Maize- Cobs are Cylindrical with Attractive Golden Orange Semi-Dent to Semi-Flint type of Grains. Plants have Stay Green Character and are Suitable for Rainfed Conditions, VMH 108 - 105 to 115 days duration, Semi Dent Seed, Yellow Grain with Yield of 5-6.5t/ha. VMH 125 - 110 to 115 days duration in Kharif and 120 to 125 days in Rabi, Semi Dent Seed, White Shank, Yellow Grain with Yield of 5-6t/ha VMH 126 - 105 to 115 days in Kharif and 105 days in Rabi, Semi DentSeed, White Shank, Seed Orange with Yellow Cap with Yield of 7.5t/ha. VMH 131 - 110 days in Kharif and 120 days in Rabi, Semi Dent Seed, Brown Shank, Seed Orange with Yield of 6t/ha. Sun Flower- The seeds are light brown with white strips or black with light grey strips with oil content of 38-40 %. Products: VSH 405 Medium tall, 85 to 90 days duration, Flat Head, Mono Head, with Good Filling and Black Seed VSH 415 Medium Tall, 80 to 90 days duration, Convex Head, Mono Head, with Good Filling and Black Seed VSH 475 Medium Tall, 90 to 95days in Kharif and 105 to 115 days in Rabi, Convex Semi Drooping Mono Head, with Good Filling and Black Elongated Seed, High Test Weight with Good Oil Content VSH 430. Mustard- Medium duration Hybrids with Bold Seeds are having High Yield Potential. Products: Kala Moti - Plants 150 to 170 cm high with Semi Compact Branching, Blackish Brown Seed having 40 to 42% oil Content , Moderately Tolerant to Alternaria Blight ,110to 115 days duration and Yield of 3 to 3.2 t/ha. Pela Moti - Plants 140 to 150 cm High with Semi Compact Main Branch with Profuse Branching, Brown Seed having 40 to 42% Oil Content, Moderately Tolerant to Alternaria Blight & Aphids, 115 to 120 days duration and Yield of 2.8 to 3 t/ha. Hybrid Castor- High Oil Content & Non Shattering Characters are Salient Feature of these Hybrids. Products: Hybrid. Kiran - 50 to 60 cm tall, 12 to 17 Nodes on Main Stem, Length of Main Spike 50 to 60 cm with 140 to 150 Capsules & 47.6% oil Content. Okra (Bhendi)- Okra- Profuse Branching Hybrids having Lush, Dark Green Tender Fruits with 10-14 cm Length with Tolerance to Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus & can be Cultivated in Kharif & Summer Seasons Products: Ramya . Plants 100-115 cm High, Erect Green & Tapering Fruits, Moderately Tolerant to Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus with yield Potential of 1.2 to 1.5 t/ha. Sowmya - Plants 150to 170 cm High, Purple Stem, Erect Dark Green and Tapering Fruits, Moderately Tolerant to Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus with Yield Potential of 1.1 to 1.2 t/ha. Tomato- Plants with Determinate, Semi-Indeterminate to in-Determinate Growth Habit Bearing Oval Shaped or Flat Round to Round Shaped Fruits. Fruits are Dark Red to Red with Green Shoulder and Firm to Moderately Firm Fruits. These are Suitable for Fresh Market & Distant Transportation. Few Hybrids are having the ability to Rejuvenate & are Tolerant to TLCV (Tomato Leaf Curl Virus) & Bacterial Wilt. Products: Varieties: Soundarya . Semi Determinate, Moderately Branching Slightly Pubescent Leaves, First Picking in 85 to 90 days, Fruits Red with Uniform Shoulders Bearing in Clusters of 4 to 6, Obvate in Shape Weighing 50 to 60 Grams each, Moderately Firm, Juicy with Yield Potential of 2.8 to 3t/ha. Moderately Tolerant to TLCV. Hybrids: Ushasree -Determinate Plants with Profuse Branching, First Picking in 60 to 70 days, Fruits Red with Uniform Shoulders Bearing in Clusters of 6 to 8, Ovate in Shape Weighing 70 to 75 Grams each, Moderately Firm, with Yield Potential of 3.8 to 4t/ha. Moderately Tolerant to TLCV. Padmasree - Semi Determinate, Profuse Branching Medium Height, First Picking in 60 to 75 days, Fruits Red with Green Shoulders Bearing in Clusters of 4 to 6, Square Round in Shape Weighing 60 to 65 Grams each, Moderately Firm, Juicy with Yield Potential of 3.5 to 4t/ha. Moderately Tolerant to TLCV. Hot Pepper(Chilli)- Chilli- Hybrids Bearing Light Green to Dark Green Fruits with Smooth or Slight to Moderate Wrinkles & are Good for Fresh Green as well as Dry Red Chillies. Few Hybrids are Good for Fresh Green Chilli & are Tolerant to Thrips & Powdery Mildew. Products: Varieties- Padma, Pusa Jwala, VC-2,Rani 10 - Plants 95 to 105 cm High, Semi Erect, with Nodal Pigmentation 105 days for First Picking , Fruits 16cm Long Smooth & Dark Green, Pungent, Ripe Fruits Dark Red with Thick Skin & Excellent for Dry Chillies. Red Gold & Vijetha

  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Cereals and pseudo cereals
  • Corn/maize...
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