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Indo Shell Mould Limited

Manufacturer & Exporters of Both Ferrous Castings and Aluminium Castings For Various Automobile Companies lIke Yamaha, Honda, TVS-Suzuki, Hindustan Motors, Ashok Leyland, Bajaj Auto , Hero Honda, LML, Piaggio, Eicher, Bosch and Apirila . Ferrous Castings: Grey Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Compacted Graphite Iron, Austempered Ductile Iron and Malleable Iron. Automobiles Parts Manufactured In Aluminium Foundry: Cylinder Heads, Brake Housing, Brake Drums, Cylinder Block, Extruded Tubes and Rods. Automobile Parts Manufactured In Ferrous Foundry: Power Steering Housing, Suspension Brackets, Wheel Hub, Cam Shafts, Bearing Inserts, Gear Shift Fork, Rocker Arm, Manifold. For Two Wheelers-Four Stroke:Air Cooled Cylinder Block (75 CC-500 CC), Water Cooled Cylinder Block (75 CC-250 CC), Cam Shaft-Grey Iron, Ductile and Malleable Iron, Drum Gear Shift, Rotor Oil Filter. Automobile Components:Water Cooled Cylinders, Water Cooled Cylinders Head-Grey Iron. Ductile Iron Pulleys, Racker Arm and Rocker Support, Brake Cylinder, Cylinder Head, Gear Shift Fork, Wheel Cylinder, Automatic Slag Adjuster, Housing for Power Steering, Plate Stiffeners, Bearings Housing for Turbo Chargers, Suspension Brackets, CVJ Body. Hydraulic Industry: Valve Body-NG6, NG10, CeeTop, Pressure Plate(Inlet Plate, Outlet plate), End Cover (Grey Iron, Ductile Iron), Cover Castings-Grey Iron, Ductile Iron. Home Appliances: Piston For Refrigerator, Support Bracket For Refrigerator Compressors, Swing Lever for Sewing Machines.

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  • Basic metal products
  • Iron castings and parts
  • Iron castings, sand moulded...
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