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Aum Techno Ceramics (Avdhut International)

Manufacturer and Exporters of Electronics & Electrical Ceramic Components, Technical & Structural Ceramic Parts, Special Refractory Products, Finishing & Debarring Media, Ceramic Liners & Grinding Media, Kiln Nurtures for Firing Glazed Tiles. Also Exporters and Manufacturers of Handicrafts and Handmaids in Earthenware, Wood, Wrought Iron, Glass, Jute, Cane, Bamboo, Fabric, Beads, Lac, Handmade Paper, Natural Fiber, Brass, Ceramic, Pottery, Toneware, Dried Flowers, Horn, Ivory, Bone, Leather, Wax and Bags, Hats, Toys, Home Furnishings, Candle Stands, Tealights, Votive, Lamps, Kitchenware, Office Accessories, Notebooks, Photo frames, Toys, Furniture, Jewelery, Napkin Rings. Ceramic Toys; Wooden Toys; Wrought Iron Toys; Ceramic Animal Figurines; Wooden Animal Figurines; Wrought Iron Animal Figurines; Ceramic Te alights; Glass Tealights; Wrought Iron delights; Alight Holders; Glass Votive; Ceramic Votive; Wrought Iron votive; Bamboo Accessories; Bamboo Furniture; Cane Accessories; Natural Fiber Accessories; Cane Furniture; Handmade paper notebooks; Handmade Paper Greetings; Fabric Home Furnishings; Ceramic Jewelery; Horn Jewelery; Brass Jewelery; Glass beads Jewelery; Ivory Jewelery; Bone Jewelery; Lac coasters; Ceramic coasters; Jute bags; Lac office sets; Wood Furniture; Lac napkin rings; Ceramic napkin rings; Wood napkin rings; Wrought Iron napkin rings; Ceramic candle stands; Wrought Iron candle stands; Organdy Lamps; Fabric Lanterns; Wooden rattles; Wooden Counting men.

Supplier of:

  • Electricity distribution
  • Electricity distribution networks for domestic use
  • Electricity distribution networks for industrial use...

Nactarcast Enterprise

Nactarcast Enterprise Is A Leading Exporter, Global Suppler, Manufacturer, Reliable Partner In Global Quality Management Systems & Providing One-stop, Supply Chain Management Solutions For Sand Castings, Investment Castings, Iron Castings, Valve Industry, Brass Parts, Forging Casting, Aluminium Castings, Turning & Milling, Steel Fabrication, Solid Bars & Pipes, Brass Parts, Bar Parts & Fittings, Hardware & Kitchenware Items. We Are Recognized Leader In Both High-volume & Short-run Production Of The Finest Quality Castings Available In Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal As Per Indian & Overseas Standards. Nactarcast Enterprise Offers Complete Solutions For Your Component & Assembly Needs. We Supply Components That Meet The Demanding Specifications Of Our European & Us Customers. We Offer One-stop Shopping For Completely Finished Components To Be Used In Your Production Line, Including Casting, Machining, Heat Treatment. Surface Finishing, Quality Testing, Packaging, & Delivery To Your Door Step. Our Value Proposal To You Is A Complete Service That Consists Of Reduced Cost, Impeccable Quality, On-time Delivery, & Short Lead Times. Our Focus Is On Your Needs & Your Full Satisfaction. We Specializes In Sourcing Precision Components That Are Made In India By Our Network Of Carefully Selected, High Quality Suppliers, All Of Which Are ISO 9001 Certified. We Are Recognized Leader In Both High-volume & Short-run Production Of The Finest Quality Castings Available In All Metal As Per Indian & Overseas Standards. Our Goal Is To Ensure Reliable Supplies At Competitive Costs & With Zero Defects. Nactarcast Enterprise Offers A Global Quality Management System. This Comprehensive Concept Ensures That You Can Control & Check The Quality Of Processes & Products At Any Time. In Particular, Own Qm Concepts Can Be Integrated & Used Directly On Site At The Supplier. We Welcome A Chance To Prove To You That Low Cost Doesn't Mean You Have To Lower Your Expectations & We Are Certain That The Results Will Convince You. We Will Provide Your Finished Components Or Assemblies Ex-works Or To Your Loading Dock Or Anywhere In Between As Per Your Instructions. Nactarcast Manages All Important Processes Centrally With Our Global Supply Chain Management & Cloud-based Quality Management System. With Our Holistic Structure & Full Control Of The Complicated Global Supply Chains, We Lay The Foundation For Common Long-term Success. From The First Design Proposals Through Initial Feasibility Studies Over Supplier Quality & Process Development To Training On Process & Product Requirements.

Supplier of:

  • Basic metal products
  • Non-ferrous metals and alloys NES
  • Aluminium brass...
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