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Butyl rubber (IIR) products for industrial use
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Sri Chandra Industries

Sri Chandra Industries Is A Manufactures, Suppliers & Exporters Of All Types of Industrial Rubber Components Such As Viton Split Oil Seals, Vitualic Coupling Gaskets, Trunion Shaft Bushings, Bellows, Diaphragms, Bladders, O' Rings Etc. Specialized in the Hydel Power Stations Rubber Components: Turbine Seals, Bulb Seals, Flat Seals, Teflon Cladding Seals Specialized in the Mechanical Industries Rubber Components: Oil Seals, Cup Seals, Chevron Packings, O' Rings, Washers, Bushes, Bellows, Diaphragms Etc. Specialized in Rubber Components for Cement Industry: Power Transmission Bushes, Spouts, Oil Seals, Cup Seals, Chevron, Packings, O' Rings, Washers, Gaskets, Bushes, Bellows, Diaphragms Etc. Specialized in Rubber Components for Irrigation & Bridges: Bulb Seals, Flat Seals, Teflon Cladding Seals, Bridge Bearings. Specialized in Rubber Components for Pharma : Silicon Diaphragms, Silicon O' Rings, Silicon Washers, Silicon Gaskets ,Silicon Bushes, Silicon Beedings. Specialized in Rubber Components for Locomotives & Automobiles: Oil Seals, Cup Seals, Chevron Packings, O' Rings, Washers, Gaskets, Bushes, Bellows, Diaphragms, Engine Mountings Specialized in Rubber Components for Electronics: Silicon Components, Conductive Rubber, Specialized In Rubber Components For Defence: Oil Seals, O' Rings, Washers, Gaskets, Bushes, Bellows, Diaphragms, Engine Mountings Etc.

Supplier of:

  • Leathers, furs and their products
  • Leather goods for industrial use
  • Washers, gaskets, seals and packings, leather...

Sridhar Engineering & Rubber Products Private Limited

Manufacturers and Exporters of Rubber Hoses, Air Brake Hoses, Electrically Non-Conducting Hoses and Hose Assemblies according to AAR and UIC Standards. Rubber Hoses upto a size of 1000 mm Dia and Working Pressure upto 30 Bar for Various Applications like Water, Air, Chemicals,Petroleum Products and Abrasive Slurries, Rubber Moulded Goods, Metal to Rubber Bonded Products and Rubber Lined Articles. - Air Brake Hoses, Grooved Rubber Sole Plates, Buffer and Draft Gear Springs, Side Bearer Pads, Packing Rings, Upper and Lower Rubber Washers for Indian Railways. Upper Rubber Washer, Lower Rubber Washer, Rubber Packing Ring, Draft Gear Pad, Side Bearer Pad, Radiator Hose, Non - Conducting Hose, Multipurpose - Neoprene Hose Reel, Cylindrical Dock Fender, Defender, Material Handling Hose, Rubber Lined strainer, Rubber Lined Dish End, Rubber Lined Bend, Grooved Rubber Sole plate, Grooved Rubber Sole plate, Skirt Rubber, Engine Mounting, Teflon Coated Gate Seal, Rubber Boot. SPECIAL PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED Air Brake Hoses along with end Fittings for Both Wagons, and Passenger Coaches approved by Indian Railways as per AAR & UIC Standards. Moulded Items and Rubber Sheets as per Customers' Drawings for both Abrasion and Corrosion Application. Electrically Non-Conducting Hoses for Steel Industry. Rubber lined Articles, Fabricated and Rubber lined for Chemical and Mining Industries. Metal to Rubber Bonded Products for Railway and Automobile Industry for Vibration Dampening and other Applications. Product Range : Types of Industries Catered to : 1. Products for Railways ranging from Road Crossing panels, track item to safety items like Air brake Hoses, Metal Bonded Elastomeric pads, Side Bearer Pad, Packing Ring, rubber washer, draft gear pad, grooved rubber sole plates, Buffer Spring Packs. 2. Mining Industry - Water suction discharge hoses., Skirt rubbers , impact resistant liners, rubber bumpers, material handling hose. 3. Petroleum Exploration and Transportation Industry -- Petroleum Oil Field Hoses, Potable Water hoses, Diesel Transfer Hoses, Chemical Transfer Hose, Multipurpose neoprene hose reels, raw water tower hoses, bulk transfer hose, On shore hoses(semi collapsible cementing hoses, mud suction hose) Oil Transfer Hoses (Road/rail tanker hoses, Dock Hoses and Bunkering hoses. 4. Steel Industry - Coke Injection Hose, Coolant Hose 5. Chemical and Fertilizer Industry . Chemical Transfer hoses (Phosphoric Aic and Custic Soda Hoses, Pray on Filter Hoses, Butyl, Hypalon Hoses, Fuel Hose for petroleum based products) 6. Marine Industry - Dredge Sleeves, Dredge Delivery Hose, Dredge Suction Hoses, Door Seals, Nose Rings and Buffer Rings, Fenders. 7. Construction Industry - Bridge Bearing Pads, Gate Seals 8. General Purpose - Water / Air hose, Steam Hose, Sealing Rings, Automotive Hoses - (Straight Radiator hose, Curved Radiator Hose, Coolant Hose, Heater Hose, Heavy duty car washing hose, Air Brake Hose SAE J1402 C 225 PSI), Electrical Insulated sheets, Silicon tubing, Solid Silicon Rubber washer, rubber gaskets and Sheets. 9. Hydraulic Hoses - SAE100R3, SAE100R4, SAE100R6 10. Special Purpose Laboratory Equipment . Universal Testing Machine 10 T (Shear Bond Test of Side Beared Pad), ODP Rheo Meter, Load Deflection Test Equipment 60 T (16 Pack of Buffer Coach Spring), Cyclic Endurance Test Equipment (22 T 2 to 50 Hz.).

Supplier of:

  • Rubber products
  • Rubber and rubber proofed sheets
  • Sheet, compound rubber...

ITO Precision Technologies Private Limited

Manufacturers of Butyl Gloves, Fpc Test Coupon For Acf Bonding, Glass Test Coupon For Acf Cog Bonding, Pwb Test Coupon For Acf Bonding, Solder Pallets & Smt Pallets, Test Ic For Acf Cog Bonding, Butyl Long Glove, Csm Long Glove, Hexarmor Overgloves, Neoprene Long Glove, Polyurethane & Csm Long Glove, Polyurethane Long Glove, Nitrile Gloves, Polyurethane & Shielding Neoprene Long Glove, Soft Needle, Piston, Control Valve, Metal Needles, High Precision Fixed Volume Dispensing System, Natural Rubber Long Glove, Optical Gel Lamination Systems, Silicone Interposers For Acf & Acp Bonding, Anisotropic Heat Seal, Connectors, Brush Nozzle, Digital Dispenser Controller, Double Thread Screwed Tapered Nozzle, Heat Spring System, Multichannnel Dispensing System, Non-Contact Jet Dispenser For Low Viscosity Materials, Noncontact Grease Dispense System, Rotating Dispenser, Standard Digital Dispenser, Stirring Unit, Teflon Needles, Teflon Needles With, Sus Guide, Curved Needle, High Precision Mechanical Dispenser, Fan Type Peltier Temperature Controller, Digital Force Gauge, High Viscosity Fluid Tanks, Simple Syringe Filling System, Dry Ice Cleaning Systems, Solder Pallet Cleaning Machine, Pulse Heat Fusing Unit, Multi-Nozzles, Electrolyte Injection Valve, Resistance Welder System Heads, Sbp Tank Liner, Super-Fine Nozzles, Simple Two-Fluid Blending Dispenser.

Supplier of:

  • Rubber products
  • Synthetic rubbers
  • Butyl rubbers (isoprene and isobutylene copolymer)...

Cori Engineers Private Limited

Manufacturers and Exporters Of Rubber Components , Rubber Sheets Includes Rubber Liners, Wiper Rubbers, Skirt Rubber Liners, Abrasion & Corrosion Protection Rubber Sheets and General Purpose Rubber Sheets, Rubber Moulded Components, Rubber Lining for Acid Storage Tanks, Water Treatment vessels Scrubbers, Stacks and ducts, pipes and fittings, Triplex Lining, Phosphoric Acid Lining,De-mineralised water storage tanks,Pickling line for steel plants and rolling mills, Rubber lining by both hot valcanising process and cold bonding process undertaken are Phosphoric Acid Storage Tank, Hydrochloric Acid Storage Tank, Alkali and Caustic Soda Storage Tank, D.M. Water Storage Tank, Pressure vessels to DM plants like cation, Anion, Mixed bed & connected pipes and Fittings, Scrubbers Stack & Ducts, Rubber Gaskets - All types of Elastomeric Gaskets such as natural rubber, Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Butyl, Polybutadiene, Silicon, Flourocarbon, Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene, Styrene Butadiene Rubber in Black , White, Red Colors with or without fabric or metal reinforcements used in Petroleum Refineries, Process Industries, Food Processing units: Manufacturers and Exporters of Rubber Expansion Joints:Series 100 Single spool wide arch, Series 125 - Multi arch type, Series 150 - Filled arch type, Series 200 - Wide arch type, Series 400 - Spool type double arch, Series 450 - Fabricated metal flange type, Series 600 - Bus duct / rectangular / circular / square bellows Series 700 - Twin sphere model, Series 800 - Concentric reducer type, Series 825 - Clamped type, Series 850 - Enlarged flange type, Series 875 - "U" type / straight flanged connectors / flexible rubber pipe / no arch type. Anti Vibration Mounts: Sandwitch Mounts, Housed Sandwich Mounts, Cylindrical Stud Mounts, Cylindrical Stud-Female Mounts, Flush Type Elliptical Mount, Control Panel Mounts, Cross Rib Mounting Pad, Large Deflection Mounts, Machine Mounts, Rubber Screens, Built-up Rubber Hoses & Cuffs and Rubber Gaskets. Associated Companies: Arudra Engineers Private Ltd IGP Engineers Private Limited Aruchem INSAP Engineers Private Limited VP Engineers Lonestar Industries INSAPLEX

Supplier of:

  • Rubber products
  • Processed rubber
  • Ebonite...
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