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Star Material Handling Projects

Manufacturers Of Bulk Handling Equipment, Belt Conveyor, Cleated Belt Conveyor, Truck Loading Machine, Bulk Loading Chute / Bulk Loading Spout, Rotary Air Locks (Rotary Feeder), Rotary Vane Feeder, Belt Conveyor And Accessories, Chain Conveyor, Drag Chain Conveyor, U Trough Conveyor (Screw Conveyor), Screw Feeders (Pipe Conveyors), Bucket Elevator (Belt Type / Chain Type), Industrial Roller, Idler Roller Frame, Drive Pulley, Chain Elevator, Dampers, Customized Hot Air Dampers, Industrial Isolation Dampers, Industrial Gas Dampers, Fabricated Fresh Air Dampers, Multi Louver Damper, Slide Gates, Pneumatic Slide Gate (Pneumatic Cut Off Gate), Motorized Slide Gate (Motorized Cut Off Gate), Manual Slide Gate (Manual Cut Off Gate), Rod Gate (Pin Gate), Double Flap Valve / Double Flap Gate Valve, Guillotine Gates (Pneumatic / Motorized), Shut-Off Gates, Manual Shut-Off Gates, Pneumatic Shut-Off Gates, Flow Control Gates, Pneumatic Flow Control Gate (Rotary Type), Motorized Flow Control Gate, Shut Off Dampers, Pneumatic Shut Off Dampers, Isolation Shut-Off Dampers, Butterfly Dampers, Butterfly Dampers (Motorized / Pneumatic), Multi Louver Dampers (Motorized / Pneumatic), Cement Plant Machinery Spares, Pneumatic & Motorized Sector Gate, Spiral Chute, Bag Discharge Conveyor, Crushing and Screening Equipments, Vibrating Screens, Jaw Crushers, Storage Equipments & Filters, Pressure Vessel, Storage Tank/Storage Bin, Filter - Activated Carbon Filter/Sand Filter, Storage Silo/Storage Hoppers, Landscape, Landscaping, Fountains Crown With Central Jet, Two Stage Fountain, Dandellon Jet, Stone Waterfall With Foam Jet, Bubbler Jet Fountains, Stone Tear Fountain, Water Stone Fountain, Crown Fountain, Finger Jet, Pool With Foam Jet, Bubbler Jet, Column Jet Floating Fountain, Belt Conveyor, Conveyor Belt, Pneumatic Slide Gate Valve, Screw Conveyor, Industrial Screw Conveyors, Air Slides, Air Slides (Fluid Slide), Open Aeration Pads, Bottom Discharge Gate, Diverting Gates, Motorized Diverting Gates & Pneumatic Diverting Gates.

Supplier of:

  • Glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) products
  • Plastic products
  • Vessels, pressure, glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP)...

J. K. Automation

Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers Of Hydraulics Machine, Material Handling Equipment, Load Manipulators, Assembly SPMs, Industrial Conveyor, Test Rigs, Feeding & Cutting SPMs, Vibratory Feeders, Pad Printing Machine, Hydraulic Cylinders, Assembly Line Conveyors, High Productive Cut to Faad Length SPM, Automatic Date Punching Machine, Special Purpose Mirror Assembling Press for Automotive Industries Automatic Date Stamping Machine, Heavy Duty Conveyor, Automatic Hot Fusing SPM, Hydro - Pneumatic Press, Assembly Line Fixtures and SPMS, Fully Automatic Fabric & Leather Profile Cutting Machines Seaming Machine, Paddel Leaver Pad Assembly SPM, Art of Machine Tools, Pinion Bearing Assembly Hydralic SPM, Validation Test SPM, Mirror Pressing SPM for ORVM of Cars, Assembly Line for Break Paddle Assembly, Multi Points Torque and Load Conforming Setup, Online Validation Test Rig, Product Validation Checking Fixture, Over Head Conveyor, Mirror Pivot Assembly SPM, Mirror Assembly Line Setup, Belt Conveyor, Dynamic Test Rig, Hand Break Testing SPM, Flexible Hose Pipe Cleaning SPM, Rolar Conveyor Acce, Free Rolar Conveyor, Pedal Assembly Line Setup, GSL Assembly SPM with Greese Dispensers, Long Number Assembly Fixture, Oven Forming Process Equipments, Load Manipulator, CNC Type Fabricating Machine, Molten Steel Transporter, Conveyor for First in First Out (FIFO)using for assembly line, Mirror Assembly Process, Heavy duty Hydro-pneumatic Press, Hydraulic Press, Pressing and Screw Tighting SPM, Data Capturing Test Rig for GSL Asssembly.

Supplier of:

  • Hydraulic equipment
  • Engines and mechanical parts
  • Manipulators, hydraulic...
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