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Sri Cure Herbs India

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Herbal Formulations inGynacaeological Products like Blood Purifier SRICURE (Syrup), Menstrual Regulator REGUDATE (Capsules0 and Family Health Tonic SRITONE (Syrup), Herbal Paedaetrics Products like Gripe Water PEP-KID (Gripe Water) and AntiI Flu FLU-X (Oral Drops), Herbal Eye & E.N.T Drops like Lubricating Eye Drops MAGAR ASHROO (Eye Drops), Cooling & Soothing Eye Drops SRICOOL (Eye Drops), Anti Infective Eye Drops GULABO (Eye Drops), Wax Softening Ear Drops SOFHERB (Ear Drops) and Decongestant Nasal Drops OTRIHERB (Nasal Drops), Herbal Orthopaedics like Analgesic, Anti Inflammatory ARTHIGO (Capsules) and Anti Inflammatory ARTHIGO (Cream), Herbal Sex Stimulant like Male Sex Stimulant Capsules (Capsules) and Oil MAN X (Oil), Herbal Liver Tonics/Enzymes/Cough Syrup like Liver Disorders & Hepatitis SRILIV (Capsules), Digestive Enzyme SRIZYME (Syrup), Honey Tulsi Cough Syrup KASRI (Syrup), Mucolytic & Bronchodilator Cough Syrup BRONKOHERB (Syrup) and Liver Disorders & Hepatitis SRILIV (Syrup), Herbal Creams / Ointments like Anti Piles Arshar (Capsules), Antiseptic Heal Cream HEALEX (Cream) and Arshar Forte(Cream) and General Purpose Products like Alkalizer & Litholytic Agents JALSRI (Syrup), Baldness Hair Oil SRIKESH Hair Oil, Body Odour Cream ODOUR KILL (Cream), Gum Paint GUMSRI (Gum Paint), Protein Powder HERBORICH and PATHNIL (Capsules).

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