Get The Exact Fact About The State Of Agriculture And Food In The Country.

The massive growth in agriculture in the country
Indian food, snacks, curries and the spices are known all over the world. The excellent quality fruits and vegetables are grown here in huge quality all over the country. The country is leading in various sectors such as buffalo population, milk production, mango production, fruit and vegetable production, livestock and fish and many more items. India also exports various vegetables, fruits, spices, processed foods, beverages and more. The scope of agriculture is vast, and there are various units and factories that are being set up in various parts of the country. Processed foods are the main and major industries based on agriculture and have a huge market both within and outside the country. Remarkable achievements have been carried out in fields like dairying, oil seeds, exports of fruits, catering industry machinery and equipment, etc.

Scope and achievements
During 2014-15, the exports of agro products were around $ 21.5 billion. The exports of cereals and animal products stood at 69.7 % of the total exports in 2014-15. The processed food accounted for 24%, followed by fruits and vegetables at 5.7% and floriculture at 0.67%. India exports processed foods to more than 100 countries. In the recent years, various factors have contributed to the growth of the agriculture and forestry sector. The increase in the private participation in the agriculture, farming, growing organic products and technology have come together to provide better agro products and employment. The future of agriculture is bright in India and the growing infrastructure, facilities, industries like forestry machinery and equipment and advanced technology are playing the key role.

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