EasyBusiness: Find The Right Sales Leads (INFOGRAPHIC)

Cloud Computing in Administration: Indian Government’s Hunt for Technology Adaptation

Cloud Computing

India is one of the hottest growing economies in the world today, and its cloud storage industry is thriving as well. Almost every major cloud provider has a presence in India due to its robust economy and the burgeoning opportunities… Read More

B2B Sales Industry India: Rapidly Evolving with Digital Trends

B2B sales Industry India

While India is poised to emerge as one of the largest economies of the world, the B2B Industry plays a significant growth driver with its relevance to the e-commerce industry. The B2B industry of India is expected to reach the… Read More

Import Procedure in India – Documents you need for Custom Clearance

Import Procedure in India

Documentation are mandatory for carrying out any type of business. And when it comes to foreign trade done across the national borders, the number of import documents required increases. Importing and exporting have been a major part of business trade… Read More

We’re Hiring! Join the Dynamic Sales Team of Kompass India.

Established in 1947 at Switzerland, Kompass offers a suite of B2B services meeting the demands of wide range of clients seeking business development and growth. As a leading sales & marketing intelligence company, Kompass operates a substantial and 100% up-to-date… Read More

Social Media Marketing – Promote Your Event Online for Free!

Social Media has become an ultimate platform where all your potential audiences are present. Apart from lead generation and advertising, Social Media is also a grand stand to promote any event or exhibition. It helps events and their planners to… Read More

Upgrade Your Business: Top Digital Trends of 2017


The world is going digital in all means, most importantly in business activities. With the advent of personal computers, internet and smartphones, the world has swiftly adapted to the digital mediums for staying connected with their friends and families. This… Read More

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