Business Directory – An ultimate tool for Financial Institutions

Economic globalization has brought a new phase in the history of world economy. The ever-increasing competition has influenced emergence of innovative strategies for various companies and business organisations in order to grow and expand their empire. In today’s economic environment, the growth of financial institutions is remarkable but a wide range of challenges are witnessed in current times.

A financial institution is a body that provides financial services for its members or clients. It varies from banks, building societies, credit unions, trust companies, mortgage loan companies to insurance companies, pension funds, investments banks and brokerage firms as well. These companies specifically provide financial services to their clients and members which involves a lot of planning, research as well as dedication.

“Time is Money”

In financial institutions, the whole phenomenon of business revolves around time. The real deal making factor in this industry is the timely support to the customers which has cut-throat competition in today’s world. Be it a bank, financial consulting firm or broking firm; servicing the customers on the right time is the most significant aspect of this business.

Financial institutions have always been an early adopter of modern technologies in order to transform their regulatory framework into an advanced system. To stay forward in the cut-throat competition, financial institutions should focus on using business directory as an ultimate tool to boost their growth and reach their target markets.

A business directory is a database of businesses categorised on the basis of sector, location, activity and size. It’s a compilation of business organisations or individuals dealing in specific set of products and/or services. It’s a list of people, organisations, firms and authorities with their contact details.

A digital form of such business directory is known as B2B portal which provides business to business services to the users. It’s available online and any institution can connect with them instantly.

Here are the 4 major solutions for financial institutions that a business directory offers:

  1. Data Access

When a financial institution buys a business directory, it has access to a large amount of genuine data through which they can easily find their customer prospects and create their marketing strategy accordingly. The accessible data of a business directory can help a financial institution in many ways:

  • Identifying and focusing on specific target markets.
  • Analysing the financial status of your prospects.
  • Managing customer relationship using data reference.
  • Creating and targeting the marketing campaign.
  1. Data Services

A digital business directory or B2B portal not only focuses on providing a database but also on providing special data services in order to analyse and update the existing customer database. Financial institutions require up-to-date data for targeting their prospects and data services by B2B portal help them in attaining new as well as additional contents required. This enables the financial institutes to-

  • Save costs on their sales & marketing campaigns
  • Save time and benefit from regular database updates
  • Enrich the database with relevant information
  • Categorise the database by removing unwanted prospects
  1. Digital Solutions

Financial Institutions require a better way to process their marketing and the digital platform is the ultimate arena for targeting prospects and generating leads. More than 40% of the world population is active on the internet and such abundance of target audience cannot be ignored specially by the financial institutions. Digital marketing using a B2B portal helps the financial institutions to engage their target audience and attract new businesses with solutions to-

  • Improve SEO and increase customer traffic
  • Find and locate new buyers
  • Maximise the online visibility
  • Create and build international brand awareness
  1. Sales Intelligence Solutions

A digital business directory or B2B portal provide sales intelligence solutions for financial institutions where they can connect with business leaders to strategize their next steps. By using predictive intelligence, this service provides smart analysis of huge data gathered from the web as well as Social Media Networks to deliver relevant insights and alerts to the user. Financial Institutions can boost their sales as this service enables them to-

  • Save time on research and getting support for sales cycle
  • Engage with prospects outside their network
  • Create and build a more focused social selling strategy
  • Establish possible opportunities and risks with targeted alerts


Kompass B2B portal – One of the world’s best digital business directory

With the golden experience of more than 60 years, Kompass is a powerful global B2B search platform which helps financial institutions to plan their sales, marketing campaigns and lead generation activities. The advanced online tool helps the companies to create targeted company data lists.

Thus, financial institutions can boost their growth rates using Kompass B2B portal because of its high-quality database, data tools and services, digital marketing solutions and sales intelligence as well.


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