How B2B database can boost your marketing

Marketing is a melting pot of prospecting and generating leads to bring more business to the company and boost its sales. The level of competition in today’s world has reached its threshold and the pressure on marketers to generate suitable leads is increasing. Marketers are keen to discover innovative marketing techniques and focus on gathering different data and information.

Today, the emergence of business-to-business (B2B) database providers has influenced new concepts and methods of marketing. You can access big data gathered by immense research and analysis of the market relevant to current trends. Integrating B2B database in the marketing strategy has become significant in today’s business.

What is B2B database?

A business-to-business (B2B) database can be defined as a list or compilation of information of individual prospects, companies and businesses classified according to location, sector and scale of operation. It usually consists of contact numbers, websites, email IDs and addresses of respective individuals and companies.

A generic B2B database is regularly updated with new additions and removal of unwanted data. This data is highly categorised into different lists based on business location and the scale of operation. It acts as an ultimate boon for marketers as they can use the B2B database and make their own prospecting list which effectively helps them to save their time as well as cost.

Apart from contact and location details, a B2B database also consists of different elements like contact’s information – title, function, buying/selling role; parent company/enterprise link, year the company started, revenue/sales, employee size, credit score, purchase history and preferences, budgets, promotion and customer service history, etc. As a marketer, you can utilise these immense data for better prospection and lead generation.

The ultimate guide to use a B2B database to improve marketing-

  1. Find

Find the right customer leads and create your own marketing lists. A B2B database provides you lots of details of contacts that can be used for tele-sales, direct mail campaigns and digital marketing to target your valuable prospects.

You don’t need to carry out massive research and analysis tasks to create the marketing list. The extensive data and information provided by a B2B database helps you to find the correct prospects with right credentials which means that you can save a lot of time and money.

  1. Attract

Get your business listed in the B2B portal for attracting huge number of potential targets. A global B2B database can help you to attract a wide range of audiences through utilising the precious data and information classified in several categories for a better approach.

Apart from offline prospecting, the audiences active on the internet are more likely to get attracted if you are using the right path. All you need is to follow certain digital marketing campaigns using the extensive B2B portal and through SEO and content marketing, you’ll be able to attract large number of audiences on your website.

This will not only help in increasing your online visibility, it will also boost your website traffic and enhance the chances of potential prospects converting into actual consumers/clients.

  1. Connect

The B2B database helps you to stay connected with your target consumers. You can create your own social community on the internet using this B2B database and certain digital marketing methods. The immense data and information allows you to categorise your prospects and you can easily approach them to accomplish your marketing objectives.

Predictive intelligence and smart analysis of big data gathered from the web and social networks using the ultimate B2B database will help you to connect with the right prospect so that you don’t need to verify the authenticity of information. The use of an advanced B2B database enables you to come up with innovative marketing methods.

  1. Engage

Once you are connected with your potential target consumers, you need to engage them for better prospecting. The B2B database helps you to understand the demographics of your potential consumers so that you can keep them engaged through strategic approach.

Running contests, quiz, special offers and discount vouchers, etc. on social networks are the most practised activities to engage with your audiences. Offering a free product or a trial service, goodies, fruit basket, white papers or an event invite are the traditional offline ways to keep your clients & consumers engaged.


Be thorough and ensure the quality of B2B database that you’re buying before beginning your next marketing campaign.


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