6 Undeniable Facts about Email Marketing You Must Know!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the most practised online lead generation technique on the internet. It is evolving at a rapid pace and the level of competition has reached its threshold since the global digitalisation. Email Marketing is basically about informing the valuable prospects about your product or service and then sending personalized content as per the prospects’ interests.

Email marketing is a powerful method of lead generation as it makes you virtually stand in front of your potential customer with the information of your product/service tailored in an attractive and personalized manner, and allows you to gain the prospect’s attention in order to convert him into the actual consumer.

All you need is a B2B Database that consists of genuine email IDs of potential buyers of your products or services, create quality content and approach them with an effective email for lead generation. If your content is creative enough to explain your product’s/service’s uniqueness and relevance to customer’s need, the chances of getting conversion becomes high.

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Email is considered as one of the trickiest digital channels to master for online lead generation. It involves specific tailoring of content including the title, subject, infographics pertaining detailed information about your products. As an email marketer, you don’t want your email to be perceived as spam, therefore, you need to understand the right way of targeting the prospects with an effective email content considering the current trends and facts.

Here are 6 undeniable facts about Email Marketing you must know-

  1. 91% of consumers check their email inbox every day.

While Social Media has influenced and engaged most of the online consumers, most of them are also active on their email channel and check their inbox at least once per day. Smartphones have enabled them to multi-task on the internet. Email is one of the most important channels for audiences that belong to the B2B sector and they are highly active. You must know that there are around 3.6 Billion registered email accounts on the internet.

  1. 66% of consumers make a purchase influenced by an email marketing message.

According to Mckinsey & Company, direct email marketing is 3 times more influencing than social media when it comes to conversion rates. This justifies the fact that you can generate more leads from email marketing than social media marketing. It provides a substantial ROI on email marketing campaigns.

  1. Click-through Rates of sent emails are 158% higher when social sharing buttons are included.

Click-through Rates (CTR) is a common email marketing term that determines the conversion rate of the prospects as per the clicks. When social sharing buttons of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. are added, it provides a significant overview of your brand that it is highly active on social media as well, which increases CTR rates.

Integrating social media and email together makes it more dynamic and attracts more attention from audiences. That’s why 59% of email marketers amalgamate social media and email to generate more leads.

  1. More than half of emails are accessed through mobile devices.

You must know that 64% of decision-makers access emails using mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets and other such mobile devices have witnessed an exponential increase in their use in current times. Optimizing the email content for better compatibility in mobile view is the most important part of email marketing.

It’s interesting to know that 23% of email readers open the message in their mobile, again view it on their desktop. They are 65% more likely to perform a click-through when on the computer.

  1. 69% of consumers ignore email messages which aren’t optimized for mobile.

If you haven’t optimized your email content for mobile view compatibility, you’re missing the bull’s eye! As 69% of readers will ignore your email message if it isn’t appropriate for mobile display, it is important for you to understand the aesthetics of an engaging and consumer-friendly email content. Use mobile optimization and do not get ignored by your valuable prospects!

  1. Personalized email messages are 26% more likely to be read.

Personalizing your email content as per the database of prospects and their demographics is one of the most crucial factors in lead generation through email marketing. It’s a key function in email marketing that directly connects with the prospect and drags his attention towards your products or services as a solution to their needs. Thus, personalization in email marketing results in higher conversion rates.

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