10 Video Marketing Tips to increase your online visibility

The internet is becoming an ultimate platform for marketing and generating leads. A large number of potential targets are online and businesses are driving their content to attract them. Local businesses are keen to find their prospects on the internet using search engine optimisation (SEO) tools. Innovative ideas are required to design, frame and publish attractive content on the internet.

Audio-visuals have been the best form of content presentation. Internet is burgeoning with videos that go viral on social media and become amongst the top trends. Video marketing is becoming a common practise for the marketers to find their prospects. Emergence of Youtube and Facebook have boosted the video marketing practises and marketers are strategizing to stay in the competition.

Video marketing not only allows you to describe your company, it also helps you to build a strong customer relationship. An advertisement video is always better and more compelling than a blog. Online audiences would love to know about your company through attractive animated moving pictures, rather than just a written paragraph on your website.

Boost your online visibility and attract more consumers using the most trending digital marketing tool. Here’s a list of video marketing tips to lure the potential targets on the internet-

  1. Learn using Youtube

Youtube is a free digital platform that allows its users to publish audio-visual content for entertainment, advertising and commercial purposes. Google owns Youtube and also operates certain metrics to analyse its content. The unique and diverse platform is the best place for video marketing.

Create a Youtube channel for your business following a basic sign-up process. Put all the required information on the channel profile page. Use attractive graphics as logos and web banners to increase viewers’ engagement.

  1. Design videos

Video creation and designing involves specific set of operations when it comes to business-based audio visuals. You can’t just shoot a video using a camera and publish it on Youtube. You have to be very specific about its content and how it is going to attract target prospects.

With proper segmentation of scenes and events, you need to set a particular theme relevant with your business that frames the whole video. After proper editing of segments and putting required special effects, you need to optimise the video by removing unwanted and repeated scenes.

Once the video editing is completed, you need to revise it ensuring that it is true to the subject as the video is going to retain your brand’s prestige as well.

  1. Frame appealing titles for the videos

A suitable title for the video consisting specific keywords that represents your business and the sector within it operates, is the most important part of video marketing. You can’t afford to lose your target audiences viewership as it depends upon the title.

A more appealing and compelling title adds value to the video as people select the video to watch on the basis of its title. It’s not about using quirky taglines and rare adjectives, it’s about using the right keywords according to the product/service that you offer and keeping it simple yet attractive for the online audience.

  1. Add citations to the videos

This is an important tip for Video Marketing. Every video that you create to target online prospects must include a citation in the video description. This means you need to list your business name, address and phone number in a standardised format that you already use on your website and other plug-ins.

It’s a great advantage as Google will consider it as a form of backlink forwarded to your business website. It only takes an extra moment to add citations to the video description.

  1. Add your website link in video’s description

Your business website is the place where potential prospects turn into actual clients or customers. If a viewer is done watching your video and he/she is interested in your product, the official website is the place where you should direct them.

Adding website link in the video’s description enables the viewer to access your website with just a click. It can not only increase the chances of your viewers turning into customers, but it can also bring huge traffic to your website contributing to your online equity as well.

  1. Set target location for the videos on Youtube

Youtube provides certain value-added services where you can target a specific location for publishing your video. For example, if you’re a local business firm that operates only in a certain location then Youtube can advertise the video to the viewers of that location for better prospecting results.

You also have the option to create your videos in multiple languages to target specific regional based audiences. The diverse spectrum of Youtube helps you to target multiple prospects using the same video with different audio as per viewer’s choice.

  1. Share the videos on Social Media

Make your video go viral on the internet! Use social media networks to spread the word. It will drive major audiences to increase the number of views, likes and comments. People may even subscribe to your Youtube channel.

Sharing the video on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn amongst a large number of internet users increases the number of target prospects and helps to create a more convenient marketing strategy. On the other hand, it also contributes to bring traffic on your website and generate revenue.

  1. Analyse the metrics and strategize accordingly

Using Google metrics, you can analyse the popularity of your video by keyword inputs and specific SEO skills. This helps to understand the potential value of the audio-visual content that is driven by your Youtube channel.

Apart from analysing the reach of your video post, you can develop better strategy for your next video marketing campaign by such observation.

  1. Use video in press releases

The incredible progress of media in today’s globalisation age is remarkable. Press releases play one of the most important role in brand building as well as marketing. It’s important for a business to present attractive components related to their product/service in their press releases.

You can easily add this video in your press releases. Even, the whole video can work as a press release for your company. All you need is to make sure that your press releases are highly newsworthy and the video is true in terms of subject and content.

  1. Self-host video for higher conversions

The search engine result page shows the video which is directly linked to Youtube. A viewer is directed to Youtube’s interface to watch the video. What if they are directed to your website instead of Youtube? Well, it will definitely increase the chance for the viewer to turn into your customer.

Install a video snippet that plays the video on the website. You can even add a Youtube plug-in on your website. Instead of watching the video surrounded with Youtube components, the viewer will be watching your components, services and products.

Thus, the greater the exposure, the higher your visibility.

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