How to Plan for a Successful Exhibition? (Free Checklist & Whitepaper Available)

How to Plan for a Successful Exhibition?

To ensure that your trade fair preparations run smoothly, download the trade fair checklist and fair white paper. Free for Kompass users! Free Download Trade Fair Checklist Free Download Trade Fair Whitepaper The Kompass team in Mumbai will gladly advise you on… Read More

Growing Digital Web & its Security Threats

  When you hear the terms malware, adware and spyware, do you understand its meaning?   Can you tell what is a Trojan Horse? Is it something you associate with Greek history or something from the modern world?   These… Read More

The Historic Sea-landing of Airplane

  The world has embarked upon a journey of fast-changing technology since many decades now. In 1903, when the Wright brothers made the ground-breaking invention of an airplane, it became one of the greatest creations of all time. From then… Read More

Sony’s Mid-range Smartphones to Re-launch in India

    Last year, i.e., in 2016, in its statement, Sony had said that only premium category Xperia phones will be sold in India. The company is seeking a transformation. And, as a part of this transformation, it was sharpening… Read More

Tea: Exports of India’s Favourite Beverage

  Indians and tea are like an inseparable couple. With tea pots in most homes being on a forever-steaming mode and with the sheer number of tea stalls that exist on every nook and corner of the cities as also… Read More

Indian Government Structures its Insolvency Regulation

  In India, for years now, the legal and institutional machinery for dealing with debt default has not been in line with global standards. For recovery action by creditors, there has been Contract Act and special laws such as the Recovery… Read More

India Digital World: Growth in Banking and Transactions

The world has entered into what some regard as “Digital Darwinism”. It is the time wherein technology and society are evolving faster than many organisations can adapt to the changes. The strong five digital forces of Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud… Read More

The Rapidly Growing FMCG Sector in India

  Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) comprises of three main segments – household and personal care accounts for 50 per cent of the sector (the highest share of the sector), healthcare accounts for 31 per cent of the sector, and… Read More

What is Data Literacy and how to overcome its problems?

  Data literacy is the core component of any healthy business. Data literacy is introduced in primary school mostly. Initially, it is taught to understand the relationship between different types of data represented through charts and diagrams. For example, in… Read More

India and Denmark See Surge in Trade & Investment

India’s national carrier, Air India, on 16th September, launched the first direct flight to Denmark which will take the passengers from New Delhi to Copenhagen non-stop. This is the company’s 44th international destination. Copenhagen is now the 10th European destination… Read More

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