Taparia Tools Limited

Taparia Tools Limited - - Company Summary

An ISO 9001 Accredited Company , Leading Manufacturers & Exporter of Hands Tools like Adjustable Spanners, Mini Pilers, Screw Drivers & Sets, Screw Driver Bits & Sets, Tool Sets, Sockets, Socket Accessories, Socket Sects, Torque Wrench, Pipe Wrenches & Vice, Hammers, Clamps, Wheel Spanners & Sets, Spanners & Sets, Chisels, Punches, Magnetic Products, Cutters, Hacksaw Blades, Gear Pullers, Allen Keys & Sets, Tools Trolley, Spirit Level, Cutting Blades, Non Sparking Tools, Screw Drivers, Pliers, C-Clamps, Punches, Pipe Wrenches, Double Open Ended Spanners, Single Open Ended Spanners, Ring Spanners, Allen Keys, Bolt Cutters, Tin Cutters, Cable Cutters, Pipe Vices etc.

General Information




  • Type:

    ISO 9001


  • On site

    Not declared 

  • Company

    1000-4999 Employees


  • H. Taparia


  • D. T.


  • M. N.

    Executive Director

  • B. P.

    Marketing Mgr

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