SR Prefabs Modular Cleanroom Private Limited

Plot No: 102
S. V. Co-Operative Industrial Estate, Jeedimetla
Hyderabad 500055

Company Summary

Manufacturers of Relocatable Wall Systems for Clean room, Biosafe and other Clean Environs. Modular Walls & Walkable ceilings, Doors, View Panels ,Cleanroon paneling etc., have several unique features to build State-of-the-art Cleanrooms and other Controlled Environments for various applications Modular walls: Self bearing wall provided in modular units constisting of : Wall panels of 45mm thickness with the following external finishes of material Fire retardant High pressure Plastic Laminate of 4 mm thickness(Phonelic Resin Impregnated, 0.8mm GI Powder Coated, 0.8mm SS 304 sheet, 4 mm Aluminium Phenolic Bonded sheet CLEANROOM CONSTRUCTION: Design,Quality,Special Features,Material of Construction,Selection,Dependability Service. Modular Walls - Hard walls and Soft walls ,Modular Doors ,Modular Walkable & Non Walkable Ceilings ,Ceiling Grid System for 100% Filter Ceiling ,Fan Filter Units
Clean room Lighting - Tear Drop lights as per US FDA approved design, Free flow Troufles .
CLEANROOM EQUIPMENT: Air Showers for both Personnel and Material entries (De dusting Booths)
Clean room Furniture - Cross over benches, Work tables, Storage cabinets
Clean work stations - Laminar work stations both horizontal and vertical Down Flow, Clean Work Booths - Reverse flow units
Ceiling Modules with and without Motor blowers with replaceable Hepa Filters
Air Handling Units ,Supply of Pre filers and Hepa Filters (Outsourced) ,Civil Works - Flooring Epoxy with material from SIKA UK and PVC (Vinyl).
MODULAR CLEANROOM SERVICES :Construction and Installation Design Equipment Specifications, Particle Monitoring/Certification,Airflow Design and Recommendations, Filter Coverage and Placement ,Exhaust/Recirculation, Heat/Electrical Loads .

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  • City Union Bank Ltd. City Union Bank Ltd.


  • Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry


Area : Asia-Pacific, Western Europe
Country : China, Italy


Area : Africa
Country : South Africa


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    ISO 9001 : 2008

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    50 Employees


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    100,000,000 INR


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  • Mr. Balram B. Singh

    Managing Director