Redson Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

F-9/B, Phase I

I.D.A. Jeedimetlla

500055 Hyderabad , India

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Manufacturer and Exporter of Hydraulic Presses, On-Line Rotary Shearing Systems, Universal Auto Trimmers, Mechanical and Hydraulic Shears & Press Brakes, Shot Blasting Plant, PU Foam Machines, Granite Processing Machinery, EOT Cranes, Special Purpose Machinery, LPG Cylinder Plant Machinery and Material Handling Systems. Product Details: Single Action Presses, Deep Drawing Presses With Die Cushion, Deep Drawing Presses With Blank Holder, Powder Compacting Presses, Up Stroking Presses, Extrusion Presses, Single/Two Row Rotary Shearing System, Triple Row Rotary Shearing System, Universal Auto Trimmer, Vertical Twin Head Trimmer, Straight sided Single Point Presses, Straight sided Multi Point Presses, Straight sided Single Point Crank less Presses, Straight sided Multipoint Crank less Presses, Knuckle joint Presses, Cold Extrusion Presses, Special type Presses to customer specifications, Hydraulic Press Brakes and Shears, Mechanical Press Brakes and Shears , Special Purpose equipment , Alloy Steel Casting up to 300kg of single pieces, Complete Range of Machinery for Granite Processing.

General Information

Year Established: 1982

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Type of company : Headquarters


Type:ISO 9001



On site
From 100 to 249
Total group



Gangadhara Puritipati Reddy

MD (Managing Director / Director)

S. P.

Director (Managing Director / Director)

P. R.

Director (Managing Director / Director)

. S.

Purchasing Mgr (Purchasing Manager)


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