Microbax (India) Ltd.


Liberty Road, Himayat Nagar

500029 Hyderabad , India

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Microbax has set up India's largest plant to produce Probiotics. Manufacturers of Quality Probiotics. Microbax has successfully developed and commercialized selected probiotics and prebiotics for use in human healthcare, animal healthcare including aquaculture and organisms for agriculture, effluent treatment and vector control. Microbax also takes up projects for contract research and contract manufacture. A wide range of probiotics, prebiotics, metabolites, nutraceuticals and other microorganisms can be developed and manufactured on a contract basis. Product Details :: MICROORGANISMS AS BIOFERTILIZERS, BIOPESTICIDES AND DECOMPOSING AGENTS. ·Acetobactor spp ·Bacillus firmus ·Bacillus megaterium ·Bacillus subtilis ·Nitrobacter spp ·Azotobacter spp ·Bacillus licheniformis ·Bacillus polymyxa ·Pseudomonas striata ·Bacillus thuringiensis ·Nitrosomonas spp ·Rhizobium spp ·Trichoderma viride ·Paecelomyces spp ·Metarrhizium spp ·Verticillium spp BIOMAX . Enriched Organic Manure For Optimum Crop Nutrition, Soil metabolism, Building Soil Fertility and Structure PROMAX Formulation Of Microorganisms For Agriculture ·Bacillus firmus ·Pseudomonas striata ·Bacillus polymyxa ·Trichoderma viride ·Metarrhizium sp. ·Paecelomyces sp. PSB (Bacillus firmus, Bacillus polymyxa, Pseudomonas striata) convert insoluble Phosphorus into soluble Phosphates and make it available to the plants. Trichoderma . for effective control of soil and root invading pathogens and decomposing organic matter in the soil. Metarrhizium sp.- efficiently controls termites and white cockroaches. Paecelomyces sp.- for effective control of nematodes MICROORGANISMS FOR AQUA CULTURE Product Details ·Aspergillus oryzae ·Bacillus coagulans ·Aspergillus niger ·Bacillus licheniformis ·Bacillus megaterium ·Bacillus polymyxa ·Bacillus pumilus ·Lactobacillus sporogenes ·Nitrosomonas spp ·Bacillus subtilis ·Nitrobacter spp ·Pseudomonas spp ·Rhodobacter spp ·Thiobacillus spp ·Rhodococcus spp ·Trichoderma spp ·Bacillus cereus MICROORGANISMS FOR VECTOR CONTROL Microorganisms to control larvae of vectors such as mosquitoes and black flies. ·Bacillus sphaericus ·Bacillus thuringiensis PREBIOTICS Products of fermentation, which enhance the population of beneficial microflora in the gut or in the environment. ·Aspergillus oryzae Meal MICROORGANISMS FOR EFFLUENT TREATMENT ·ECOBACT - 7 High concentration waste digestor LACTOBACILLUS SPOROGENES ·Lactic acid bacillus / Bacillus coagulans PROBIOTIC - A live microbial feed supplement which beneficially affects the host animal by improving its intestinal balance ·Aspergillus oryzae ·Bacillus coagulans ·Aspergillus niger ·Bacillus cereus ·Bacillus licheniformis ·Bacillus mesentricus ·Bacillus subtilis ·Bacillus polymyxa ·Lactobacillus sporogenes

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Year Established: 1998

www : http://www.microbax.com

Type of company : Headquarters


Type:ISO 9001


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G. Bhogle

MD (Managing Director / Director)

R. K.

Executive Director (Managing Director / Director)


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