Grauer & Weil India Limited

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Manufacturers, Exporters and Importers of Electroplating Chemicals and Machinery, Intermediates and Speciality Chemicals, Effluent Treatment Systems, Filtration Systems, Phosphating, Darcotizing, Industrial Degreasing Plants, Industrial Lubricants and Anodizing, Paints.
Sodium Allyl Sulphonate, 2-Butyne-1, 4-Diol Ethoxylate, Sodium Propyne Sulphonate, Bis-Benzene Sulphonylimide, 2-Butne-1, 4-Diol Propoxylate, 1-(2 Hydroxy-3-Sulphopropyl)Pyridium Hydroxide Inner Salt, N, N.-Diethyl-2-Propyne-Ammonium Sulphate, N,N.-Diethyl-2-Propyne-Ammonium Formate, N, N.-Diethyl-2-Propyne-1-Amine, 1-Dimethylamino-2-Propyne, Propargyl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Thiomalic Acid, Carboxyethyl Isothiuronium Betaine, 1,4,Butyne-Diol, Propargyl Alcohol.
3-Butene-2-one-4-Phenyl, (Benzylidene Acetone) Sodium-4- (1-Methyl Sulphate, Benzyl-Pyridinium-3-Carboxylate, 2-Thiouracil, Polyalcohol Ether, Formaldehyde Condensate Naphthalene Sulphonic Acid, Sodium Salt, Niacin, Anisaldehyde, Ortho Chloro Benzaldehyde, Polymer, Imidazole-Epichlorohydryn Reaction Product, Poly Ethylene Imine Modified Product, Cationic Amine Polymer, Long Chain Phenol Ethoxylate, Phenol Ether Sulphate, Ethoxylated Glycerine, Sodium Benzoate, Anionic Phosphate Ester, Ethoxylated Fatty Alcohol.
Copper Plating Additives :
1- Propane Sulphonic Acid, 3-(2-Benzothiazolythio)-Sodium Salt, Bis-(Sodium Sulphopropyl)-Disulphide, Propane Sulphonic Acid, 3-(Aminoimino-Methyl)-Thiol, 1-Propane Sulphonic Acid, 3-[(Ethoxy-Thioxomethyl)-Thiol)-Potassium Salt, N, N.- Diemethyl-Dithio Carbamyl Propyl Sulphonic Acid, Sodium Salt, 2-Thiohydantoin, 1- Propane Sulphonic Acid, 3-(2Mercaptobenzimidazolyl) Salt.
Miscellaneous Chemicals :
3-Pyridine Sulphonic Acid, Sodium Meta Nitro, Benzene Sulphonate, Methane Disulphonic Acid, Mixture of Sulphurous Organic Compound,3-Chloropropyne (Propargyl Chloride), Mixture of wetting Agents,

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    ISO 9001

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    Not declared 

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    500-999 Employees


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