Andhra Pradesh Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited

- Company Summary

Objectives of APHDCL are :
1. To Develop and Promote Handicrafts.
2. To Undertake Marketing of handicrafts Both Within and Outside the State.
3. To Promote and Establish Showrooms, Organize Exhibitions and to Cause Wide Publicity of Handicrafts.
Manufacturers And Exporters Of Artistic Handicrafts Of Traditional Cultural Heritage And Handlooms.
Product Details :
Nirmal Art wares:- Nirmal Paintings, Coasters in Traditional Designs, Nirmal Jewel Boxes Holders, Stands Executive Office Sets, Trolleys, Low Level Sofa Sets, Rajasthani Sofa Sets, Dressing Table, French Peg Tables, etc.
Bidri Crafts:- Flower Vase, Cigar Boxes in Assorted Designs, Round Ash Trays, Bangles Key Chains, Candle Stands, Goblets Shahnai Vases, Pen vases, Anchor Key Hangers, Paper Cuttings in Assorted Designs.
Filigree Silver Items like: - Silver filigree Key Chains, Ittardan (perfume containers), Boxes, Trays, Ornament Containers and Silver Filigree Jewellery.
Toys & Dolls: - Nirmal, Etikoppaka and Kondapalli Toys& Dolls are made of Puniki Wood and Painting Enamel Colours. In Kondapalli Village Human Figures Depicting Different Occupation in the Villages, Birds and Animals like Ambari Elephants. Mythological Subjects like Dasavathara, God and Goddess Figures. In Etikoppka, Lacquer Colours are Used for Making Birds, Animals, Play Toys, Bangle Stand, Pen Vases etc.
Wood Carvings:- Like Intricately Carved Wooden Panels, in Different Shapes as Wall Decoratives, Wall Brackets in Yali Designs,Chariots,Door Carvings,Centre Tables etc, and Bhongir Furniture using Teak Wood & Rose Wood Besides the Musical Instruments and its Miniature Forms in Jack Wood in Bobbili.
Dokra Metal Castings:- A Tribal Craft Made out of Brass Scrap. Birds and Animals, Local Deities, Doorknobs, Diyas (lamps), Chariot, Ornaments Bells With Chains are the Items are Commonly Made.
Leather Lamp Shades:- Leather Puppets in Different sizSs and Designs Depicting the Subjects from the Epic Stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata,Lamp Shades Parchment Leather Wall Decorative.
Crochet Laces: - The Designs are Intricate and Artistic Luncheon sets, Doylies, Rounds, Oblongs, Table Covers, Bed Covers and Door Curtains Nighties, Gowns etc. And Kalamkari Block Prints, Tie & Dye Bed covers, Bedspreads, Cotton Kalamkari Temple-hangings. Banjara Embroidery work Using Mirrors and Beeds like Dress Sets, Pouches, Wall Decoratives, Cushion covers, Bed Covers. Table Cloths etc.

General Information




Area : Worldwide,



  • On site

    100-249 Employees


  • 2005

    100 to 500 million INR

Financial ratios

  • Turnover


  • Mr. Shailajaram Iyer


  • Mr. . L.



  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider

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