Analogics Tech India Limited

# 9/10, Road No. 6

Nacharam Industrial Estate

500076 Hyderabad , India

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The company offers Turnkey Solutions to Utility Companies like Energy, Water and Transport which includes Design, Development, Manufacture and Supply of Hand Held Computers in India to Various Power Distribution Companies for Billing Applications. Analogic also Supplies Distribution Automation Systems to Power Utilities on Turnkey Basis.
Product Details:
Jett CE (Windows CE based) : JETT.ce Features a Powerful Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET 4.2 operating system, Intel XScale® Technology Processor.
Analogic's CMRI is a State-of-the-art Product for Meter Reading Needs.
Hand Held Computer (HHC)
Hand Held Data Recording Computer (HHDRC) Allows a Programmer to Access Services Provided by the Operating System (OS). Through the API, Everything From the Tiniest Degree of a Custom Display Pattern to High Level Operations are Easily put under Direct Application Control.
Analogic Technomatics, a Pioneer in Hand Held Terminals and Computers for Electricity Meter Reading and Billing Applications, Explored Further to Provide Single Point Multi Technology Automatic Meter Reading Solutions (GSM, GPRS,CDMA, PSTN, Low Power Radio Modem technologies).
COP (Common Optical Port) convenience of meter readers in the field. With Analogic's CMRI and Common Optical Port, the meter reader may virtually read any meter in the field.
The DTMS (Distribution Transformer Management System)
Circuit wise the load monitoring and details can be maintained.
All the breakdowns are recorded and maintained.All the breakdowns are informed to the field staff by SMS.
Circuit wise Energy delivery can be maintained and subsequently Energy Audit circuit wise can be conducted.
Roster scheduling is being introduced for the distribution of power to the Rural agricultural loads.
Fixed Cellular Terminal : The FCT is an intelligent device that routes the calls to a cheapest network available.
GSM/GPRS Smart Modem :
The Smart modem : delivers all the power of instant wireless connectivity to your multiple applications.
The Low Power Radio Modem : is an ultra low power transceiver, mainly intended for 315, 433, 868 and 915 MHz frequency bands.
Analogic's Vehicle Management/Security System : is an online/offline tracking and logging system for 4 wheeler vehicles.
Analogic's Vehicle Tracking System : is an online/offline tracking and logging system for trucks, police patrol vehicles, delivery vans, containers etc.
e-Beat : is a mobile attendance monitoring system. This system avoids manual recording of time.

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Year Established: 1994

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