Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd

'A' Wing, Sun Magnetica, 5th Floor, Accolade Galaxy Complex

LIC Service Road, Louisewadi

400604 Thane , India

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Advanced Enzyme Technologies Limited (AETL) is India's pioneer in biotechnology specializing in Enzyme research and development. With a commitment to providing customized Ecosafe solutions AETL caters to the Processing industries mainly food and industrial processing. AETL's vision is to upgrade the quality standards of the products as well as replace conventional manufacturing procedures that usually consist of harsh chemicals, with pollution free enzyme based solutions. Headquartered in Mumbai, AETL was established in 1989 by Mr C.L. Rathi, whose father pioneered the production of Papain enzyme, way back in 1958. Today with investments over USD $10 million AETL's production facilities produces enzymes and probiotics worth over USD $20 million annually. With a turnover exceeding Rs 75 crores, AETL has created its own niche by being the only company to provide customised solutions using enzyme technology. AETL provides enzymes for the purpose of re-engineering and redesigning in the following areas:- a) Food Processing: Grains, Baking, Fruit Juice processing, Brewery, Distillery, Starch, Dairy, Plantation products and Extraction products b) Industrial Processing: Textiles, Leather, Agriculture, Bio-fuel and Environment With global footprints in over 30 countries AETL is one of the few companies to commercially produce Probiotics (the `beneficial' or `good' micro-organisms) Research & Development: AETL invests 10% of its sales into new enzyme development and application activities to develop a full spectrum of industrial enzymes that primarily originate from biological systems which help reduce costs and improve the output quality. AETL has recently received a patent for a leather manufacturing process that not only improves the quality of the product but also reduces the pollution load in the leather industry by 70% AETL.s state of the art manufacturing facility which is ISO 9001:2000 and WHO cGMP certified is located in Nasik. International markets: AETL.s group companies are, Specialty Enzymes and Biochemicals Co (SEB) catering to the American Continents and Speciality Enzymes Europe (SEE) catering to the European and African market. Some of the industries in which AETL.s research has made an impact are Textile Industry: AETL has been successful in introducing a unique enzymatic bleach negating the pollutants caused by the conventional method of chlorine bleaching used in textile processing. Grain Processing: AETL has developed a product that replaces the chlorine bleaching process for wheat that is consumed by humans.

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Vic Rathi

Chairman (Managing Director / Director)

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MD (Managing Director / Director)

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GM - Strategy & Business Development (General Manager / Manager)

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